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Wall To Wall

Angela Keslar joins Laura in the girls' apartment. She's thirty-three and lives in Amesville, Ohio. She says she lives "on a farm in the middle of quote/unquote nowhere." I wonder whom she's quoting. Maybe our old friend, Fact. She's looking for the visibility that Project Runway will provide. Laura asks her what people do in Ohio. Ah, city folk. Angela just laughs.

Stacey Estrella, who is forty and from San Francisco, enters next. Lucky for the camera people that these guys all arrive in such quick succession.

Back at the boys' room, Kayne of Many Colors is trying to unlock the door, while a hooded Jeffrey Sebelia looks on. "How many fashion designers does it take to open a door?" he asks as he struggles. He interviews that his name is Jonathan Kayne Gillaspie, he's twenty-seven, and from Norman, Oklahoma. We review the part of his bio video where he does his Mommie Dearest impression. He says that he wants to show that you can come from different parts of the world and still "make it" in the fashion world.

When they finally make it into the apartment, Jeffrey starts jumping on a bed. Still hooded. He interviews, while hooded, that he is thirty-six and from Los Angeles. He has a clothing line named Cosa Nostra. He says, "By my standards, I've had a lot of success in the industry. But, I still haven't reached the goal of success that I want to reach." I guess it's a little frustrating to come on here and feel like everyone thinks you're some sort of beginner.

Vincent Libretti enters next. We see that he's forty-nine and from Santa Monica. Jeffrey introduces himself and shakes his hand with a "wacky hand buzzer." Probably reminds Vincent of his stay at the State Hospital in 1991. He laughs at the joke, though.

Here comes Keith Michael. He's really cute and stylish. He interviews that he does menswear and has always wanted to get into women's wear. He's thirty-four and from New York. He says that he doesn't expect to win every challenge, but he DOES expect to win in the end. OK, gotta respect a man with a plan.

Alison Kelly arrives at the girls' apartment. She's twenty-five and from New York. She says that she has created her own label that is available in stores. We see shots from the badass photo series that she styled and designed and showed on her bio video. She's adorable, this Alison Kelly character.

Ulrike Herzner enters 34G next, but we can call her Uli. She is thirty-five and was raised in Germany. Now, she lives in Miami Beach.

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