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Wall To Wall

Robert is asked to explain his dress and he says it is "a little Maria from West Side Story...if she had, like, wall-hangings." All of the judges like the back of the dress. Robert explains that he enjoys "surprise details" like the back of the dress. We're all agreed -- Robert has made a really pretty dress.

Jeffrey starts the explanation of his design with, "I don't even know where to begin." The judges take the bait and say there was a whole lot going on with his look. Nina felt totally distracted by the feathers that his model threw. Jeffrey says that he used to be a production designer and he likes a show. He talks about how he wanted his look to be rock and roll, but the judges felt confused by the jacket and dress combo. After another minute of explanation, Heidi points out that the clothes shouldn't need that much explaining. Michael concludes by telling Jeffrey that he shouldn't overdo the layering. I don't think Jeffrey really heard any of that.

The judges confer. Heidi's favorites were Keith and Robert. They all loved the necklaces on Robert's dress. They loved the entire presentation of Robert's look, including hair and accessories. Michael found it emotional. They also are unanimous in their appreciation of Laura's coat. Michael very rightly points out that the minute you saw the coat, you thought, "That's so her!"

When Heidi mentions Vincent, Nina starts chuckling to herself. Kate starts off with the hat. Nobody likes the hat. Stacey's design was poorly executed. Nina thinks it looks like she pulled the sheets off of her bed and wrapped them around her model, which is, of course, what she did. Michael thought she looked like she was wearing her grandma's panties. When Heidi first saw Jeffrey's design, she thought, "Oh no, not another Santino." She doesn't like all of the shredded stuff, nor the dress being short in the back and long in the front. Kate Spade seconds her on the dress-length debate.

The judges have their decision, and they bring back the designers. Laura is "in." And Keith is the winner of the challenge. Strummy guitar as he exits the runway. He interviews that (again) it was the first dress that he ever made, and it's cool that he won. Laura congratulates him backstage. Robert is "in." Vincent is "in" too. Hmm, didn't really expect that.

Heidi tells Jeffrey that there was too much going on in his look. Stacey didn't choose innovative materials, nor did she execute her design well. Stacey is "out." Jeffrey leaves the runway. Stacey gets her kiss and "auf wiedersehen," and she's out of there. She interviews that her design was true to who she is as a designer (i.e. inexperienced, see-through, grandma panties). Tim arrives backstage and says, "Somebody had to go! And it was really tough." Stacey is a really great sport and has a happy smile on her face. As everyone says goodbye to her, Stacey says she doesn't know what is next for her. Well, good luck, Stacey.

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