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Wall To Wall

Heidi has the results. She asks Alison, Bradley, Angela, Kayne of Many Colors, Malan, Bonnie, Katherine, Michael, and Uli to step forward. They are all moving onto the next challenge. That leaves us with Keith, Vincent, Jeffrey, Laura, Robert, and Stacey. They have the three highest and the three lowest scores. Their models return and stand beside their respective designers.

We begin the questioning with Laura. Kate Spade asks her what materials she used. Rug and chandelier. Michael says it's "chic" and "wearable." He also says it's noisy (the chandelier bits knock together) and Laura replies, "It's not for a wallflower." She's good. Michael agrees, "It's for the gal who wants to stand out."

Heidi tells Vincent, "I would have done it without the hat." Then she asks him to just take the hat off of the model altogether. Kate Spade says that she was so busy looking at the hat, she never really saw the dress. Nina wants to know why he used the hat. Vincent replies that he wants to try to keep his work interesting. I honestly don't know what to say right now. That hat has looked more ridiculous every time I've seen it. Michael says that the hat makes you wonder how many drinks the woman wearing it has had. Then Vincent says that he didn't really like the hat. Then he starts about ten sentences without finishing the thoughts. A sample: "I'm not trying to get outta --" "I'm just having fun." "You just, I know --" Heidi very slowly replies, "Sometimes, less is more."

Heidi tells Keith that his dress looked really well made. He says that his dress is made of bedding but that his bag was full of stuff. He then says that, while making his dress, he was reminded of Gone With The Wind and the parody of the movie on The Carol Burnett Show. He didn't want the dress to look like it was made from curtains. There are red buttons on the back of the bodice that are from a duvet cover. Nina thinks they're adorable. Michael notes that there is "no joke" to the outfit.

Moving onto Stacey, Nina asks her what her "design aesthetic" is. She answers that she prefers a sensuous silhouette. Then she explains that the lace underpants she made were a choice -- to make things more provocative. Heidi agrees that it makes the look naughty, but Michael says people will think that it is a mistake. He says that people don't want to show their "big stuffin' briefs." Kate Spade acknowledges that there's a nice idea behind the look, but all of the judges agree on the poor execution at work. Michael says that the fit of the top is so bad, it looks like the pillows are still in the pillowcases.

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