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Wall To Wall

Here we have Stacey Estrella's design. It was made with sheets and a shower curtain. Her model's name is Marilinda, and I did not misspell that. The design is not good. The skirt is still extremely sheer. The top is not fitted well to the model. I'd think this would have been the time to distract with some lovely accessories from the Macy's Wall, but no...we only get a ring chain belt. Stacey interviews that she loved the dress. She felt that the sheerness of the skirt was "ethereal and romantic." Sounds like Stacey has a BS on top of all her other degrees.

Here comes Robert Best's design. It was made from a duvet cover and a jeweled wall-hanging. His model's name is Danielle. The dress is simple and beautiful. It's white and sleeveless with a Givenchy neckline. The skirt flares at the red belted waist and ends above the knee. There are strings of beads that criss-cross on the back and hang over the bust of the dress like necklaces. There's a red bow where the strings of beads meet in the back. Robert interviews that he wouldn't change anything about his design because it came out exactly as he had hoped.

Uli's dress is next. She made it with beads and curtains, and Katia models it. It's pretty. It has an empire waist and is kind of low-cut. The beads are arranged to create sort of a halter top. The colors are interesting. The majority of the dress is a kind of purplish gray and the accents are yellow. The dress is floor-length and moves really beautifully. Uli says that she is really happy with her dress. She feels like her model really helped her "pull off" the look.

Finally, we have Jeffrey's model, who throws all of this confetti or feathers or something when she enters the runway. Nina is not amused. The jacket that he made has sleeves that hang to the floor, quite like a straitjacket. Hopefully, they'll keep that around for when Vincent needs it. Jeffrey used felt, vinyl, towels, and bed sheets to make his design. His model's name is Javi. The dress has an empire waist and is composed of strips of fabric arranged vertically. It looks like he was going for something edgy. And it is, I guess. The edge of good. Jeffrey interviews that he was happy with his dress. He feels like it will establish him as a forward-thinking designer. Well, I can get on board for that. His design looks just like what I'd imagine people would wear in the future, after some war or plague had destroyed every good designer.

We cut to all of the designers lined up on the runway, while the judges tabulate scores. For the first time, we get a peek at what the judges are writing. We see a card with "Designers Name -- Malan Breton" on it. We only see a woman writing. "Used time" are the only words I can make out.

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