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Wall To Wall

Following Malan's model is Bonnie Dominguez's design. It is worn by Toni and is made of a duvet cover and sheets. It's a strapless number with a really fitted waist and hip. There are several bands of different fabrics all along the bodice. The skirt is really full and red. It's pretty cool. Bonnie interviews that she was just hoping her model's boobs wouldn't fall out of the gown, which was a possibility.

Next we have Katie Gerdes's design. It was made from a comforter and plastic bags. Her model's name is Candace. You can see some of Katie's snowboarding influences; the gray floor-length jacket, though sleeveless, has a hood. The dress is strapless and hits above the knee. The jacket is really cool because it trails behind the model, leaving half of the dress exposed. Katie interviews that she was confident with her garment but was not sure if the judges would like it or not. She found the runway experience really nerve-wracking.

Michael Knight's dress is next and it's lovely. He made it from coffee filters and his model is Alexandra. It hits right above the knee and has little straps. The filters are used as scalloping all over the dress and it rocks. It's like a little flapper dress. You can tell Michael is happy with it when he sees it coming down the runway. He interviews that when he saw his model walk down the runway, he thought he was going to win the challenge.

Uh oh, it's time for Vincent's design. The hat. The glasses. He has these chains hanging off the basket hat that look like the things old ladies use to keep their glasses from falling off. His model is Lindsay and he used a lamp and sheets. And a basket. Michael Kors looks like he's trying to stifle a scream. The dress itself isn't that bad. It's a short dress with halter straps. There's some neat pleating at the neck where the straps meet. It gives an elegant shape to the dress, until you hit the pockets; they are just stupid little pockets that have been Bedazzled. Vincent seems pretty happy with his design.

Alison Kelly's design is next. Amanda is her model. Alison used bed sheets and a beaded curtain. It's really cute. It has a kind of t-shirt quality. The neckline is straight across and there are cap sleeves. The dress is super-short and the beaded curtain is kind of draped across the bodice. I think Alison may have impeccable intuition, because there's something really awesome about the beads. Normally, I'd think something like that was a bad idea (re: Angela's pile of flowers), but this just works and I can't even say why. Alison interviews that she is happy with the outcome of her design.

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