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Previously: Heidi toddled through a description of the competition and what the winning designer will away from the show. Kara Saun's model, Morgan, was late for the challenge and had a meltdown, while Kara Saun kept it together. Rough moments were had by Mario, Wendy, and Starr. Daniel Franco was gloriously ushered out of our lives. At least for now. Roll the credits.

It's 7:30 AM in the Atlas apartments, where we see Vanessa waking up on a couch, Jay grabbing a cigarette, and Robert working out. Jay and Mario discuss the fact that they don't care that Daniel was eliminated. "He always had jazz fingers," said Mario, and demonstrates. Mario's pretty funny. He and Jay are getting along really well.

Starr is forlornly lying on her bed, waiting to die. Someone on the forum said it best: Starr is totally Wednesday Addams. Odd, considering her designs all have happy strawberries and stuff like that on them. She speaks in an interview about how much she loves fashion design and how happy it makes her, all while not cracking even a hint of a smile. Starr seems like one of those people who is constantly second-guessing herself. She probably never wanted to be a lawyer but doubted that she could make a living as a designer.

Austin -- who is described here as a "theater/film costume designer" -- is relieved that he is immune this week. He makes air quotes when he says "immune, as they call it," which I appreciate. I don't like it when contestants on reality shows use words like "immune" and "alliance" and "reveal" and whatnot without acknowledging that the primary use of those words takes place mostly on said shows. It just seems really disingenuous and it embarrasses me a little. Austin, though he is "immune," still wants to win the challenge. He is wearing a lovely black and white kimono and ironing his pants.

At the runway at Parsons, Heidi tells the contestants about their challenge. They will be using Project Runway's official fabric, cotton. Their inspiration is the word "envy."

When it's time for the contestants each to choose a model, all of the girls from the previous week are brought onstage. Heidi explains that, each week, as each designer is eliminated, a model will be eliminated. The model who survives until the end will get a fashion spread in Elle. Heidi doesn't say it, but I'm assuming that the winning model will be modeling the designs of the winning designer in the Elle spread. This is a pretty good idea. It gives an incentive for girls like Morgan not to fuck everything up. Which brings us to Kara Saun, who says in an interview that it is getting "more and more important" for Heidi to call your name first for the model-choosing. This must be a later interview, because they have only chosen models once. How could there be multiple "more"s in importance? Anyway, Kara Saun says that she would never choose Morgan again, because she was three hours late for the last challenge. We see a flashback of Tim Gunn scolding Morgan. Stupid Morgan.

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