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Previously: Carmen and Ricky landed in the bottom two for their menswear designs for Today show bore-respondent, Tiki Barber. Carmen was deemed the greater offender for not even making a shirt for her model and was sent home. Ricky cried.

It's morning time at the New Gotham apartments, which I just realized last week are down the block from the Crunch gym in New York with the swimming pool. Kit explains to Sweet P that she was probably saved from elimination because the judges liked what her design "could" have been, while even if Carmen's outfit had been completed, the design wouldn't have passed muster. I guess that's true, but I still sorta liked Carmen's design. Tiki Barber is a snore.

Sweet P interviews that it's sad that Carmen left, but the apartment is more comfy with three people. And of course she prefers Carmen having gone home to herself having gone. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Chris and Rami are having their morning conversation in the boys' apartment. They think there should be a Project Runway perfume that is a mixture of sweat, tears, and Chinese food. Sounds delightful, and a little like the smell of my apartment post-Oscars 2001. Julia was a shoo-in, but it was still an emotional time.

We see a quick shot of what appears to be Steven...dusting. Doing the dishes, I can understand, but they don't send in a maid for these guys? Maybe he spilled something.

At Parsons, Heidi greets the models and presents a model-choosing technique more complicated, and possibly pointless, than the Electoral College. Because they used male models for the last challenge, Jack's model is brought onstage along with the models of the last two eliminated designers, Cheron and Annelita. Jack can stick with his model, Christina, or choose from all of the others. He decides that he would like to swap, so all the models come out. He would like Lea, Ricky's model. Ricky interviews that now he sees Jack for his "true colors." Colors that he perhaps shares? Seriously, though. How stupid is that? He did the same freaking thing. Ricky automatically gets Jack's old model, and Cheron and Annelita get the boot. Much ado about not so much.

Heidi tells the designers that Tim is waiting for them in the workroom with an "old friend" who will help deliver their next challenge. We see Sweet P get really tickled, and she interviews that her first assumption was that they'd be designing for senior citizens. You can actually see that flash across her face when Heidi says it -- it's kind of funny. Hey, senior citizens need clothes too.

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