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That night, in their apartment, the women say they think Rayon is going home. Leanne says that his girl looks like she's ready to audition for the role of Selena. Kenley laughs and says, "With the flared sleeve!" She goes on -- he's not a good designer because he can't interpret his style in different ways. Like Kenley does? She interviews that Rayon is a poseur and she doesn't understand his design aesthetic. Nothing she's saying is really untrue, but I just find her so completely obnoxious right now. It's the whine. There's always that whine in everything she says.

At Parson's, Tim enters and brings in the clients. They have an hour for hair and make-up. Joe mentions to Laura that some think that the suit is not right for a graphic designer and she replies, "A job's a job." I sort of agree with her. With the right suit.

The designers remark that Anna is a miniature Kenley. So, all of this makeover stuff has to happen in one hour. That's crazy. We see them rush through hair and make-up. Jerell remarks that Rayon's outfit is very 1992. Frankly, Jerell is being kind, not sure why he chose this moment to do that. Kenley, naturally, is not impressed with anyone else. She's sure that she'll be in the top three. She's cultivating a new variety of hate in me right now.On the runway, Heidi introduces Michael, Nina, and guest judge Cynthia Rowley. I was in Montauk the weekend she got married. All I wanted was a damn lobster roll and to finish Oh, The Glory of It All. Instead I got traffic and three deep waits at bars. Thanks, Cynthia.

The show begins with Joe's outfit on Laura. Now, there's no denying that it's a stupid outfit. And, frankly, it's pretty 1992 itself. But, it would probably look a little cuter on a slimmer girl. It's a skirt and blazer in pinstripes with a silk wrap top in stripes. The top is so unflattering. Most of all, this is all really unflattering. I personally don't find the suit to be that terrible of an idea, but not on this girl. Joe thinks she looks professional and smart.

Here's Holly in Leanne's look. It's an aubergine dress with a high waistband. There's a short gray jacket that falls at the waist, with ¾ sleeves to match. I think it's pretty cute. Leanne thinks Holly looks sophisticated. The hair looks great too and makes Holly seem a little taller.

Here's Jerell's look on Caitlin. It's really cute. A brown skirt with a lighter brown satin top. There are frills along the top of the bust and transparent brown fabric above that. Accompanying is a long brown cardigan. I really like this. Not sure it's appropriate for an interview, unless it was for a PR job. But, she looks super cute and they've dyed her hair all one color. Bonus! Jerell thinks that Caitlin really could wear this to find a job.

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