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Pomp and Makeovers

She recommends that Laura go soft as a way to complement the polish of the suit. Avital resists cutting her hair (which desperately needs cutting) because her boyfriend likes it. Holly agrees to take some length off of her hair. That sounds like it might be a good cut. With Megan's hair, which is very curly, Jeanie recommends a coppery color and thick slices taken out to emphasize the shape. She's going to make Caitlin's hair flatter and softer. With Anna's hair, they're going with a slight asymmetry to allow a sideswipe. And, they are going redder with the color. Kenley repeats everything that Jeanie said, as if she thought of it herself. She's so annoying.

After the consult with Jeanie, Tim comes into the workroom. He has serious issues with the quality of work in Rayon's jacket. He doesn't even get to the part where he talks about how ridiculous it looks. Tim doesn't feel like the suit isn't relevant to Laura's job. Joe interviews that he's not worried about Tim's criticism. Tim thinks that Jerell's look is stunning, but wants to make sure that the sweater is not too blousy.

Tim approaches Kenley and tells her that, without the belt, the vest that she has made looks very masculine. He also asks her to think about the fact that the tulle showing at the bottom of her dress (per usual) doesn't necessarily have to show. The dress would be cute without it. She interviews that Tim doesn't get her. And, she says she never changes anything for him. I hate her. Dear God, I hope she doesn't make it to the final three. Jerell, you just got my vote.

Joe says his daughters already know what they like and what they don't like. Korto says that her daughter will usually want to wear whatever mommy is wearing. Joe asks her if she makes clothes for her daughter and she says she does. She says that her daughter already has her own style and we see pictures of her. What a cute little munchkin!!! So adorable. Joe says that he thinks this challenge is impossible, because he thinks it's impossible for mothers and daughters to agree. Being with the moms and daughters makes him miss his family. So, we see him talking to them in the lounge. He tells his girls that he misses them and they say they miss him more -- which is really sweet. He's doing this show to demonstrate to his girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Except America's next big fashion designer. They've learned that they can design for drag queens, that's it. A summer with Habitat for Humanity might have been a better idea, Joe.

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