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Amy points out that Korto chose fabrics contrasting in texture for Megan's outfit and Korto explains that the texture is her personal touch as a designer. Kenley is fitting Anna and telling her how great the dress is the whole time. Jerell interviews that Kenley can make a great "'50s/'60s" dress, but that's all she does.

Ellie thinks that Leanne's dress makes Holly look flat-chested. She has problems with the fit and silhouette. She tells Leanne that if that were in a store and saw this dress, they would keep looking for something more flattering. Jerell interviews that they were all wondering who would get the Hedda Lettuce in this challenge. He believes it is Leanne. Tim enters and removes the mom and daughter teams. Leanne has to redo a lot of work now. Korto tells Leanne that she felt bad for her when she heard Ellie and Holly.

Rayon just really refuses to make pants. He's draping the top and, you won't believe this, it really looks like a dress. You know, he should get Avital on board for this whole dress thing. Why, that's what he's going to do! Joe describes his look to Jerell and tells him that he's going to add a splashy pocket square. Jerell mocks him, saying that girls don't usually have an assortment of pocket squares. Kenley interviews that an '80s business suit is all wrong for a graphic designer. Actually, the right 80's business suit could be perfect for a graphic designer. Jerell jokes in the workroom in front of Joe, "Kenley, may I borrow a pocket square." She laughs and gives him a square of fabric, which he places in his pocket. Joe says that Jerell likes to make fun of everyone, to make himself look better. Then, it's the end of the day and Jerell says that Joe can work on Nancy Reagan tomorrow. OK, that's funny. Joe says that "opinions are like -- no, I won't say that." Thank you. Joe handles the whole thing like a very good sport.

The next day, Tim enters the workroom and brings the clients in for a second fitting. This time, the moms aren't with the girls. Joe thinks that the blazer is going to look really good. He thinks he will be showing the judges his skill with tailoring. Jerell seems happy. Holly is very happy with Leanne's changes. Avital "loves" Rayon's dress idea, so says he. He interviews that the news is a (thumbs up) "Bonus!" He makes me so angry.

Tim enters and asks everyone to gather 'round. Rayon says that's never a good thing to hear and he's afraid they are going to have to make dresses for the mothers. In fact, he says he will jump out the window if that's the case. I guess you can imagine what I'm hoping for right now. Instead though, Tim introduces Jeanie Syfu, lead stylist for the Tresemme hair care creative team. She will be consulting with them about the hair portion of the makeover. Jeanie has perhaps the cutest hairstyle in the whole world, with these short little bangs that aren't precious at all. She's awesome. She says that they want to emphasize transformations. She also announces that the winning look will be shown in Elle.

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