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Joe explains that his girl hasn't gotten a job yet, so he will be making something for her to wear to interviews. He tells us that his first job was at Gucci. He worked in the stockroom and would open the boxes of goods from Italy. It gave him an affinity for clothing. We see a picture of Joe when he used to be Chris Kirkpatrick.

Kenley tells everyone that her girl is a buyer. Miraculously, Anna loves vintage, so Kenley is going to really stretch and tells everyone that she's going to go totally vintage. We see a picture of Kenley in her college graduation cap and gown. She says that, as soon as she graduated, she moved to New York. BY HERSELF. She had "zero money in [her] pocket." This apparently represents one of the many "obstacles" that Kenley feels have been placed in her way. Don't most people move here by themselves? And, did they not have part-time jobs in Florida where you could put aside money for your move? Cry me a river.

Jerell says that he's very excited about this challenge. He feels like he's going to make something that the judges will like. He tells us that his first job was at McDonald's. He says that he got lots of free ice cream, as well as bad skin from being near a fryer all day. This makes me love Jerell just a little.

Korto is working on her jacket with the burlap material -- the fabric is scaring her. She says that her biggest challenge is making the look of the jacket and dress cohesive. Rayon says that he needs to make something very professional for Avital. He interviews that he's not into making pants, so he's going to drape the jacket first. He thinks the jacket is going to be really hot.

Tim sends in the moms and daughters for a fitting. Jerell presents his design to Caitlin and she seems to love it. Avital thinks Rayon's look is too professional. Yaffa suggests using the Pucci fabric on the cuff and Rayon says that it looks cheap. Yaffa is a little older and I think this kind of offends her a bit, though I don't think stupid Rayon meant it in an insulting way. Cheap is a common descriptor in fashion -- he's not saying that she's trying to make her daughter look like a whore. Rayon interviews that he can't do everything his clients want and have the judges be all, "We lost you. Where are you in this work?" He's so stupid.

Laura, Joe's girl, doesn't like the pinstripes he chose. I just want to say -- it's clear to me at this point that Joe is going to have a hard time. I'm not sure I completely blame him. Of all the girls, this one seems to have the least personality. That doesn't exonerate him or anything for making mistakes, but I think it's worth thinking about. She says she just doesn't like pinstripes, but maybe she has to get over it. Janet is much more supportive of Joe's idea.

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