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Avital, Rayon's girl, tells him that she studied photography in school. She has super long hair with some crazy dark roots going on. Just to clear the air, I hate Avital's hair. Rayon says that Avital wants something that she can interview in and photograph in. And, to photograph, she needs to be able to roll around and carry a lot of equipment. Do you really have to photograph after or before an interview? Do you just not have a lot of room in your closet? Yaffa, her mother, says that Avital should be comfortable when she's bending down with the camera. Avital likes pants, which Rayon informs us is not Rayon's thing. But, since she's his client, he's going to have "to go down that pant road." Jesus. Yaffa says that Avital should wear something feminine, but Avital says "not too feminine."

Joe asks Laura if she has any silhouettes in mind for her look. Laura looks at him like he's speaking a language that she didn't study. Her mother, Janet, says that Laura doesn't want to lose her identity. If my mom had to say that for me when I was sitting right next to her, I'd be a little embarrassed. Joe tells us that Laura doesn't have a job yet, but studied graphic design and will be interviewing for positions. Joe thinks a skirt suit might work. Laura wants the jacket to be sexy. Joe says that they just have to make sure it fits in the right places.

Tim enters, signaling the end of sketch time. Everybody hugs their girl. Then, we're on to Mood. Korto gets some burlap fabric for a jacket. She also grabs some leather, though she corrects herself and calls it "leathah." And, now that Stella is gone, she says that she's the "Queen of Leathah." Joe is looking at men's suiting fabric. Kenley says to "herself" that she's "gonna make the prettiest dress in the world." Rayon says that Avital is open to colors, so -- out of all of the colors in the world -- Rayon says that he wants to find a Pucci-esque fabric with purple. And, lo and behold, he does. As they are leaving Mood, Tim says goodbye to the cutest black and white dog. His name? Swatch. How cute is that?

Back at the workroom, Tim tells them that they will have the rest of the day and all of the next day to finish. Korto interviews that, without immunity, it's time for everyone to prove themselves with their design.

Leanne says that she's going to make a dress for Holly. She says that her first job was designing for a small clothing company. Her confession is accompanied by a picture of the younger Leanne, really resembling the eliminated Jennifer. Working there helped her realize that she wanted to have her own clothing company.

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