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Korto asks Megan if she has already found a job. She's actually trying to decide between med school and grad school. She says she likes dresses. Korto feels that she has an advantage because she's a "hip mom." Amy, Megan's mother, says that she thinks Megan looks best in classic clothes. Of course you do, Mom. She says that she also looks good in "funky" clothes. Now, something about Amy's enunciation of "funky" makes me think she hasn't been spending that much time around anything that terribly funky. For instance, if funky were to smack her in the head? Not so sure she'd know what hit her. Megan is working in the lab at school, so Korto thinks a wrap dress might be nice -- something that moves while it has a lab coat over it.

Jerell's girl, Caitlin, also has blonde bangs. She went to school for print-making, so her job options are teacher or artist's assistant. Odd isn't it that "print maker" is not one of those options? It's a cruel world. Seriously, could someone fix a bank? Caitlin tells Jerell that she's not super girly. In fact, she likes her clothes to be androgynous, but "as a girl." Jerell acts like he knows what she's talking about (something in his eyes tells me he's just a little bit confused). He decides to make a high-waist pencil skirt, a blousy top, and a man-style cardigan. Ooh, cardigan could be nice. Love me some cardigans, especially 6 to 8 cardigans of the same design but in different colors. Thank you, Uniqlo. Jerell says his design is "flirty and sexy in its own little awkward way, like her...and me!" I'd find that endearing if it didn't sound like he wrote it on his hand before he sat down for the interview.

Holly tells Leanne that she's going to become a schoolteacher and needs to look older. Elementary school. That's probably not necessary, right? I had teachers right out of college when I was in grade school and I thought they were my mom's age and they were actually like 10 years younger. Holly tells Leanne that she's fine with both skirts and pants. Ellie, her mother, pipes in that a dress is easiest, because you don't have to worry about a top or a jacket. Leanne interviews that Holly is a little more easygoing than her mother. Ellie asks Leanne if she designs with a lot of animal prints. Leanne says nonchalantly, "No." You can totally hear her internal monologue though, which goes something like, "Don't scream. Don't scream. Just back out of the room, Leanne." Holly says that her mother would buy anything with an animal on it, ANYTHING.

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