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Pomp and Makeovers

Heidi randomly chooses the designers via the velvet button bag that she is holding and matches them with the girls and mothers as they are lined up on the runway. Kenley gets Anna, this cute little girl with blonde bangs. Anna seems excited and says, "Cool." Kenley says that Anna has a really cool style, so she's happy to work with her. One of the mannequins says to the other, "Why did she whine while she was saying that?" The others like, "Dunno." The first one's all, "Fuck that noise." Korto gets Megan, who seems rather shy. Joe is working with Laura. Leanne is working with Holly. She interviews that there is no way that Holly is a college graduate -- she looks like she's 12. Rayon is working with Avital. There's a whole lotta name going on in that pairing. That means that Jerell is working with Caitlin. He tells her that they are going to have fun and she says that she can tell. Heidi takes the guests off of the runway and the designers head for the workroom.

In the workroom, Jerell remarks that, with the departure of another two designers, they have extra large workspaces. Aw. Tim enters and talks more about the Tresemme challenge. He mentions that the mothers will be opinionated and are essentially their clients too. So, I guess we can count on the moms being all up in the business. The designers will have 30 minutes to meet with the girls and moms. Then, they'll go to Mood with 100 bucks. Tim wishes them good luck then sends in the girls.

Joe says that the dynamic between mothers and daughters is the 8th wonder of the world. Because it's man-made? In a way, I guess that's accurate. He says that if the mother likes it, the daughter won't. He doesn't know how he's going to make both of his clients happy. At Kenley's worktable, Anna seems really excited. She says, "I got the cute girl." Um, college is over, Anna. You should have already gotten that out of your system. Kenley interviews that she really likes Anna and that she reminds her of herself. That's terrifying. She tells Kenley that she has already gotten a job as an assistant buyer for women's accessories. Kenley says that's perfect. She says she got the best girl. That is a perfect job for one of these designers to create a makeover around. She interviews that she and Anna have the same style (how convenient) so she's going to do what she does best and create some '40s- or '50s-inspired look. Kenley's working the mom angle and we see her tell Nancy that she's right about something.

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