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In the girls' apartment, Korto asks Leanne what she thinks they will be doing for that challenge. Leanne says that she thinks they will be making "evening gowns for infants." That's so funny and evocative. I really love that she said that. And, I hope that she considers making a few of those evening gowns once this is all over.

While Kenley is spackling on her lipstick, we hear an interview where she says via her nasal cavity that she can't understand at all why she was in the bottom during the last challenge. She says that she is going to stick to her strategy, which is to be true to herself as a designer and not care what the judges think. Now, there's a little something wise about what she's saying. More than a few designers have let themselves get too much in their own heads after comments from the judges. But, there are so many layers of petulance, defensiveness, and puerility on top of the words -- I can't even get that far. The judges are there to carry out the purpose of the show, not get between you and Bryant Park. If you aren't willing to try at all to give them what they want, why are you here? Just go raise some money and put on your own damn show at Fashion Week (I know, easier said than done -- but, it's also easier to try to work with the freaking judges). And, I don't know if she's aware of what an asshole she sounds like most of the time.

At Parson's, Heidi greets everyone on the runway. Before we hear about the challenges, Heidi wants to introduce us to some "special ladies." Then, Barbara Eden appears behind the scrim. Like current-day Barbara Eden. A very old Jeannie appears behind the scrim. Then, she enters the runway, followed by other old ladies. I'm being facetious, they're middle-aged. Assuming that their life expectancy is between 100 and 120 years. Korto says that she sees the women walking out and assumes it's the mom challenge, which she says makes her nervous because she doesn't want to have to stab anyone for talking about her mother. Jerell can tell that the women are mothers -- but he doesn't see his or Korto's (I thought the same thing), so he knows they aren't working with their own mothers.

Heidi says that the women onstage with her will play an important part in the next challenge, but the designers will not be designing for them. In an interview, Leanne breathes a sigh of relief and wipes fake sweat from her forehead. She says that none of them want to design an old lady outfit. Understood. Heidi says that the ladies have brought someone with them who the designers will be designing for. Then, a group of girls (clearly the women's daughters) come out, each standing beside (presumably) her mother. Jerell says that he wonders if this is a prom challenge because all of the girls look so young. Not that young, apparently. Heidi says that all of the girls are recent college graduates and the mothers have brought them there for head-to-toe makeovers. This is the Tresemme challenge, which means we'll see approximately 45 seconds more hair stuff than we usually see. It's like I'm watching a completely different show. The makeovers are to assist the young ladies in their transition from students to career women. Well, given our current economy, I wonder if some clever designer will give one of the girls a metal cup to beg with. For real, ya'll. What the hell? Anyone out there working for a bank? Could you please fix this shit? All of the girls and their mothers introduce themselves.

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