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Jerell describes his look and explains that the cardigan was a nod to the androgyny that Caitlin favors. Heidi says she would totally hire Caitlin as she's dressed. Caitlin says that she loved working with Jerell and that he made her feel pretty.

Cynthia thinks the jacket for Rayon's look is gratuitous. Michael would not have guessed that Avital is a photographer. Because she looks trashy and all. Rayon says he was thinking of a day-to-evening look. Cynthia says she should just change her clothes. That's funny. Nina thinks the print of the dress mixed with the shape of the jacket is a problem, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. She says that she won't say anymore.

The judges confer. They think Jerell transformed Caitlin. She looked sophisticated, yet not old. Nina says Kenley has the ability to find interesting prints and patterns. Heidi points out that it's retro and not in a bad way. I think she's making a larger point about Kenley not being original though. Maybe I'm giving Heidi too much credit. Michael liked the work on Korto's jacket. Cynthia says it could have been expensive.

Nina was shocked by Rayon's jacket. Cynthia says Avital looks 20 years older, and Nina agrees but thinks she's from a different decade. Cynthia says it's a disaster. They thought that Leanne was old-fashioned. Cynthia thinks Joe is out of touch. Heidi says the suit was also badly done. "Full Becky Home Ec-y" is the comparison that Michael Kors made. I swear, if he's actually saying "It's Very Early Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place" and I heard the Becky stuff, I'm going to an ear doctor. Nina says there was nothing contemporary about Joe's look. Michael thinks you could wear Joe's look to a Working Girl party. If anyone hears of one of those, please invite me. Let the river run, kids.

The designers are back. Korto is in. And the winner is... Jerell. Kenley totally rolls her eyes. She's such a little beast. Kenley is in. Leanne is in. So, we're down to Joe and Rayon. Heidi says that Joe took a young girl and made her look drab and cliché. Rayon's look was dated, overworked, and completely impractical. And Joe is... out. Really? That's stunning. Could anything be worse than what Rayon just made? Anything?

Joe says that his daughter has always thought that Heidi's "Auf Wiedersehen" was actually "outsy daisy." He just got his "outsy daisy." He doesn't think he should be going home. Tim says that Joe has been a pleasure to work with and he leads him to clean up his workspace. He says that he hopes he has taught his daughters to achieve what they want.

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