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Heidi releases the moms and asks the designers and models to come onto the runway. Heidi asks Kenley about her dress first. She says that she wanted to make something fun and cute. She also adds that she thinks it would be just great (!) for Elle. I love that she's so confident she's not getting eliminated that she's just jockeying for the win. Seriously, I actually kind of admire that a little bit. Heidi says that Kenley has found a "Mini-Me." That's funny. And not flattering -- I like Heidi for this. I'm sure everyone's noticed how it sort of appears that Heidi hates Kenley. I can almost forgive Heidi for looking like a total ass at the Emmy's the other night when I remember that she's good at turning the screws on Kenley. Smart move, Klum Seal. Nina thinks the dress is charming, but there's something a little withholding in her voice. Could it be that yet another of our panelists is totally over Kenley? Michael thinks it's the right dress for the right girl. He's really overdone the "right blank on the right blank on the right..." thing, right? Cynthia likes the dress as well, in particular the belt. She says the look is very fairy tale "but maybe that's not a bad thing." Kenley nods her head like, "You get me!" That's so annoying to me.

Cynthia tells Joe that she thinks it's weird that he chose a suit. Laura takes off the jacket and reveals to the judges that she likes the look better without the jacket. Unfortunately, the look doesn't like her any better without the jacket. Michael says it looks like a 60 year old person's idea of what a person should wear to a job interview. He does this silly voice that's all 60 years old and boring. And, Kenley starts giggling on the runway. Now, I agree that Joe has created something really ugly and boring, but do you have to show so little respect for him? He's a reasonably nice guy. Doesn't that earn him NOT BEING LAUGHED AT during a runway judging where they're already tearing him apart? Man, Kenley's a dick. I seriously think she's so stupid and immature and boring. Nina hits the nail on the head when she tells Joe that his look is really cliché.

Korto says that she was trying to create something fun for Megan. Michael says the look is current. Megan loves what she's wearing. Cynthia likes the jacket a lot. Nina says that the look is very modern, yet professional

The judges seem kind of apathetic about Leanne's look. They ask her to take the jacket off, then they love the dress. But, they hate the jacket. Michael and Nina feel like she was trying to hide Holly's body. Cynthia says you don't need to be formal to be an authority figure to children.

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