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Previously: The designers had to create an avant-garde look with the assistance of one of the eliminated designers. Jerell won the challenge, with the help of Jennifer. Two designers went home. Blayne was one of them. I feel like a casting person may have been sent to Siberia (aka Delaware) after Blayne presented the outfit that he made. The fact that Blayne had something so horrible in him means that someone didn't do their job. He should never have been on the show. Also, in a massive display of BULLSHIT, Terri was sent home. It just wasn't that bad. Rayon's was worse and Kenley's was trash. And, I'm bothered more and more by the whole "Terri's a bitch" cum "Terri is one-note" arc that got shoe-horned into the past few episodes. Fine, she had some attitude with Keith, but it had been popularly acknowledged that Keith was difficult. She may be a bitch, but her not getting along with Keith is not the proof. Nor is Jerell talking smack about her when we never saw her say even a word to him. Either she's just really good at unleashing her attitude when the cameras aren't around or BULLSHIT. And, I just don't think she was one-note. Yes, she liked pants. But, it wasn't like Rami's obsession with draping or anything. Boo on Terri leaving.

Also, I've been thinking about it, and I think it's really silly that Michael Kors called Kenley a tourist. That just doesn't make any sense. Tourists aren't stubborn. However, a TAURUS is stubborn. Somebody send him an email -- he should know this. And, when he said her top was ripped off of Ralph Lauren? Also silly. If Michael Kors knew anything, he'd know that Kenley really ripped that look off of Viktor & Rolf. Any FOOL would know that. Honestly, it surprises me that he can live with himself. Heh.

It's morning at the Atlas Apartments and we're two lighter. Joe says that he can't believe that two designers are gone. We see a shot of the chalkboard in the boys' apartment. Stupidly scrawled across it are the words, "Team, I will miss you & love youlicous." There are a heart and rose drawn around that last stupid word. Joe adds, "I can't believe Blayne." That's odd to me, I could completely believe Blayne would be eliminated. I believed it weeks and weeks before it even happened. Rayon interviews that he came close to being eliminated during the last runway show. He has to prove himself during this next challenge. We've heard it all before. He says that he is going to fight until the end and he's going to make it. Do you really think he feels that way?

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