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Voice Make DOWN!

Previously: Timothy and Miranda were kind of the same person. Did you notice that Miranda had a unicorn T-shirt on at the beginning?

We start with Sandro waving his finger at Helen, who is shouting at him about respect. Sandro shouts, "Voice! Make! Down!" and then Ken gets into it, shouting at Sandro while Helen gets up. And then! Sandro gets up, tears off his microphone, and stomps out! He knocks over mannequins, who never did anything to hurt him, and goes all the way to the street. This is an exciting beginning!

Oh. Now there's a caption saying, "36 HOURS EARLIER..." Well, I'm kind of sick of this dramatic device, but I'll allow it this time because the hook worked.

So we really start in the apartments with Sandro, Alexander, and Bradon talking about Timothy. They think he was starting to break, which is certainly true. Sandro interviews that his dress was strong. It wasn't; it was a wad of blue plastic. In another bedroom, Jeremy has learned that his grandmother has died, and he's sad. Well, sure. I can see that.

There are bow ties all over the work room. Some of them are the kind you have to tie, and some of them are the cheating kind. Tim Gunn is also wearing a bow tie, and he has a special guest. It's Jesse Tyler Ferguson, here described as "the star of Modern Family." I like him a lot, but surely that's an ensemble show, isn't it? He wears a bow tie, you know. And he has provided all the bow ties here, which tells me he might have something of a problem. The idea here is that the phrase "tie the knot" has something to do with marriage, so Jesse and his fiancé have a foundation called Tie The Knot that sells ties and uses the proceeds for marriage equality. Jesse says, "Yay me!"

Anyway! It's not a menswear challenge. The bow ties will "serve as the point of departure," whatever that means. The designers get to make anything they want, but they have to incorporate a bow tie into the look somewhere. According to the caption, it must be done "in a non-traditional way." And they can use multiples if they want. They'll have thirty minutes to sketch, then it's off to Mood with a suggested budget of $200. And the runway show is tomorrow. Oh no!

Everyone grabs ties and starts sketching. Miranda tells us she's going to make "a blouse with a tie that almost ties like a bow tie." That doesn't seem all that nontraditional. It's just going to look like a regular bow tie, except that it won't actually work. Dom is going to drape her ties along the neckline. And that's enough sketching! Everyone go to Mood!

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