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Previously: When Anya was at Mood, she lost the money for her supplies. It never turned up ever, which is a little odd, don't you think? The other designers, minus Viktor, come together to help her out. She had previously given tons of fabric to other designers, so it's not like she didn't have some good karma coming back to her. Josh says, in an interview that we have never ever, ever seen, that he'd really like to spend some more time with BERT, because he's really a sweet man. Certainly, that's what I think of when I think of what has happened previously on Project Runway, stuff that has never been seen and is totally the opposite of the stuff we have seen. I don't know what I'd do without them refreshing my memory like this. I'm right, right? That has never been seen, Josh talking about lunch dates and craft hours with Bert. Anya won the challenge because she's amazing. She's getting some serious backlash from the other designers. Not Anthony, but, sadly, he got the boot.

It's morning at Atlas. Laura is curling her hair and says to Anya that she is standing by Anthony's dress -- she liked it. I liked it too, but his first look was so awful that I think he was kind of doomed. Coupled with the fact that, while Josh's look was ridiculous, he was taking a bold risk and they don't usually like to punish people too much for that. Laura interviews that Anthony leaving makes real the fact that they are all really talented now and it's every person for themselves, though she has lots of issues with gender and pronouns and the mannequins are all, "Eats, Shoots and Leaves -- minus the eats. We want the other two to happen."

In the boys' apartment, Josh says that the best thing to do (for himself) after the previous challenge is to put it behind you. Then, Viktor offers that it's like Heidi says, one day you're in and the next you're oooot. It's been a while since I've done that. Viktor. There's been this weird inverse reaction for me where the more I like his clothes, the less I like him as a person. He seems so desperate, even as he's doing well. So afraid to see other people get help in any way. He's kind of the opposite of Valerie from last season. She struggled as the season went on but worked hard to recognize the talent around her, while Viktor seems like he's trying to vilify the others in his mind a little bit. Look how cold and tight he seems most of the time now. Granted, he's more successful in the competition than she was, but I imagine that she's a happier person. He seems to have that notion of success as a zero-sum proposition -- there's just only so much to go around. Anya, meanwhile, the absolute opposite of that point-of-view, has the exact attitude I'd want a daughter of mine to have. Treat other people as well as you can and you're own success is up to you -- it doesn't have anything to do with anyone else. That's probably not entirely true, but look what a confident, inspiring person it makes of her? I know that I'm reaching bizarro heights in my worshipful stance about this girl, but I so don't care. He says that Josh is the only competition that he has, but he's a very bad editor. These people are not paying attention. Anya is winning. Just because she came with less sewing experience is not a reason to discount her. In fact, she's probably getting better at it every challenge. I'd be afraid of her. As the boys leave, Viktor makes a remark about how it's always a pleasure to see Tim and the other guys laugh. Sounds like they're not that fond of his critiques?

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