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Previously: The designers had to make designs inspired by the 1920's, plus they were paired into little duels. Laura Kathleen got shuffled off to Buffalo. That's not even the right period, I don't think. Whatever. Anthony Ryan won the challenge, because he can't stop winning.

So, has Mondo made any revolutionary statements as guest editor at Marie Claire? I haven't heard anything. I'm wondering how hands-on the guest editors are asked/required to be. On the outside, it looks like an opportunity that one would be crazy not to take full advantage of, but I don't know. The prizes on this show must have some big hidden stipulations, because they sound so huge but it's obvious that the fame is more valuable to people in the end. I want to hear that someone is running like a multi-national fashion megabus off their HP/Intel workshop or whatever in their tiny Cleveland cottage. But, no. Instead, you hear that they were at a party with Adam Lambert and a Kardashian. I refuse to see if I spelled Kardashian correctly or even the same way twice. I just feel like it would do a lot for the brand of the show and the seriousness of their purpose if you saw a winner super utilize the prizes in a way that made them a more successful fashion designer.

We begin with the designers trudging down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, looking like a bunch of street urchins. I'm so glad that Laura Kathleen is gone for this, because I love that they all look like they just popped out of a gay production of Oliver (redundant?). She would have contaminated the mis en scene. Anthony Ryan interviews that he has never been here. There's a Bentley. Stores. We're supposed to get that this is real fancy. Josh explains, because of course it's Josh explaining, that Fifth Avenue is the home of some swank fashion houses. It's the home base to many high-end fashion retailers. They arrive at Elie Tahari's offices and there's the Project Runway logo. So, they know they're in the right place.

Uli tells us that Elie Tahari is currently one of the powerhouses in fashion. Apparently, his design studio takes up like an entire building. Damn. Uli is amazed at how clean and bright the space is. It's amazing what some Mr. Clean and light bulbs can do.

Carolyn is waiting for the designers inside of the building. She explains that a true all-star designer needs to be able to design ready-to-wear clothing. Then, she introduces Elie Tahari. He welcomes them and says that they will be creating ready-to-wear looks for a modern, feminine and sophisticated lady. Carolyn says that they have to consider the manufacturing price of their garments, so that when sold at a retail price of $500-700, a profit is made. That seems expensive. Elie explains that the winning garment will be sold in Elie Tahari stores and online. The proceeds from the sale of the garment will go to Save The Garment Center. Carolyn says that the design that Mondo created for the similar challenge last season raised HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for the charity. Wow. Everything seems huge right now. Elie will be on hand to make sure that the designers choose the correct fabric and design for the retail target. They have an entire fabric floor and the designers can choose anything they want! The designers are appropriately stoked.

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