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Previously: The designers were challenged to create a high fashion look for a L'Oreal Paris advertorial. The winner would also get twenty grand. Valerie freaked out under pressure and Ivy was nice enough to comfort her. Mondo won the challenge! Ivy, though comforting, got the boot.

It's morning at, you guessed it, the Taj Mahal. Valerie tells Gretchen and April that she's surprised to still be in the competition after her performance at the previous challenge. She interviews that she's hoping the judges saw some unfulfilled potential in her. Who can see anything? All we can do is hear. Valerie, you talk too much. Just zip it and design for a while, K? She tells the girls that she wants to fight for Ivy. Then, she reminds us that Ivy was her best friend there. They apparently created one of those stupid couple names for themselves a la Bennifer -- "Latasian." We were mercifully spared hearing that more than this time right now. Gretchen tells her that her challenge is to show the judges that she can be fresh, which is what she believed Mondo to have done in the previous challenge. She interviews that she feels Mondo is her biggest competition and she needs to step up 3-D.

In the boys' room, Other Michael asks Mondo how it felt to win a second challenge in a row. He says it was unreal and he wasn't expecting the second win. He interviews that he thought Andy would win the previous challenge and finds him to be his biggest competition. Christopher tells Andy that he loved his piece for the high fashion challenge. Andy interviews that it's nice to get compliments on something that includes so much of yourself.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She says that, for this challenge, they will be starting from scratch. Tim will tell them the rest of the details. When they get to the workroom, everyone is surprised to find desktop computers with childhood pictures of themselves on the monitor. They all immediately start feeling sentimental, which is understandable- simpler times and such. Other Michael sees a picture of himself as a tyke in his underwear and laughs at his resemblance to his own son. There's a picture of Mondo dressed as a harlequin when he was a kid that's kind of amazing. He talks about how they haven't seen their families in a while since they've been on the show. Gretchen says that, seeing herself outside of the context of the show, she got emotional. She says that she misses her mom and hasn't seen her in a long time.

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