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Previously: The challenge was to create a look to wear with a Philip Treacy hat. Other Michael barely escaped disaster and created a look that the judges, if not every other person in America, nay the world, found only OK. He won the challenge. Kristin got shown the door. Fine, the dress was crap. I'm just upset that Other Michael won.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Casanova, Mondo and Christopher are lounging. Christopher is still shocked that Other Michael won the last challenge. Mondo says that he thinks Christopher should have won and Christopher, this is so polite of him, agrees. He says that Other Michael's skill level is far below the other designers. In the other boy apartment, Other Michael is getting his morning coffee fix with the boys. He interviews that none of the designers really seemed excited for him, which disappointed him. That's very sad for you, Other Michael. Don't think that you will get even a little bit of sympathy from me. I'm not falling into that trap. The girls are still shocked that he won the challenge too. Valerie says that April was lucky to not get eliminated, because everyone made elaborate designs whilst she created a diaper. It was not a diaper. April jokes to Peach that everything is sad because no one understood her diaper (her choice of word). Peach laughs along as April dryly says that she has no idea what is going on in this competition. She says that the only thing she can do is be herself and let the other stuff happen has it may. Peach tells April that the both of them have targets on their backs. That's dangerous.

On the runway, Heidi greets everyone. She tells the designers that, for the next challenge, they will be working in teams of six. Other Michael gets to choose his first teammate. He chooses Gretchen. April interviews that he's an idiot for choosing her, which she says is akin to hiring Hitler. April believes that Gretchen will "put her foot" on every idea that the team has. Well, let's hope their ideas call for footprints. Heidi pulls a name out of a back to decide who will be choosing teams for the other side. It's April. Valerie interviews "Crap!" She doesn't want to be with Other Michael, but she's not crazy about working with April either. Huh? I think April seems really talented and easy-going, diaper notwithstanding. You make one diaper and the world hates you. And, not to go back to yesterday's news, but doesn't it seem like people always get slammed for doing stuff like hot pants on this show? I understand that they're hard to pull off, but...whatevs. Like any of us would want to live in a world where hot pants were not welcomed at least somewhere. April chooses Mondo.

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