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Previously: The designers had to create looks Heidi as she launches a new perfume, "Surprise." Kate and Daniel both won the challenge, because Heidi needs lots of dresses. Cindy just couldn't hang with this crew and finally got the boot.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Matt is telling Tu and Daniel that it is time to wake up. Holy Crap, Daniel's pajamas. They are beyond psychedelic. Seriously, wearing them would be like sleeping with the lights on. In one of the girls' pads, Michelle asks Amanda if she's ready to start the whole rigamarole (I just spelled that correctly on the first try- I really need to point that out) again. Amanda says that she is because with each challenge she has a moment where she's like, "Oh, that's how you do it." That's a good, positive way to think about this stuff. I think I would be too tense and hysterical in that setting to ever have that sort of equanimity. She interviews that she needs to have more fun. Her reticence to make too much of a statement means that she is continually ending up in the middle of the pack. Amanda has really beautiful hair. Nice follicles.

In the other apartment of girls, they are all still celebrating Kate's win. Patricia says that she is thrilled because she believes in her. Kate interviews that she needed the win, because it reminded her of who she was. This reality show esoterica never gets easier for me to comprehend. Exactly who did you think you were before? Is the idea of you this concrete thing that never changes and you just spend your life dancing around it with varying degrees of success in proximity to the real thing? If that's the case, my real self must be bored as hell because I probably visit it like twice a decade. I feel like we change all of the time. Sometimes we feel more confident about our abilities than at others, but this quasi-spiritual notion of success and identity is really bothersome to me. It smacks of Manifest Destiny or some shit.

In the second dude dorm, the mood is heavy. Benjamin is telling Richard and Joe that he cannot continue as he has. He needs some sort of jolt of energy. He says that he needs to reassess his game plan, because there can only be one winner. That feels like two completely unrelated thoughts, but sure, nothing seems incorrect about what he just said. Back with the other boys, Matt points out that their team has five players now, while Team Keeping It Real still has their original eight players. He is hoping that the teams get mixed up a little for this challenge. He interviews that if things continue as they have and Dream Team loses again, they will start losing team members who really deserve to remain in the competition. Meanwhile, he feels like there are several members of Team Keeping It Real who have survived based on the high scores of their other team members. We see footage of Richard and Patricia when he says this, but then he goes ahead and names Joe and Amanda as the people who he feels are weak on the other team. He says that Amanda has presented several questionable looks and he doesn't even know what Joe is doing. Now, I first want to say that I kind of dig Joe and, aside from having him just shave his head instead of rocking the Benedictine bald cap that he's got, I really wouldn't have him change a thing. The thing is though, he's a weirdo. And, as bizarre as this seems because truly creative people are often oddballs, this show doesn't have a lot of tolerance for truly weird people. Mondo was the most successful weird dude and he was mostly just weird in a visual way because he was so tiny and wore such odd ensembles. The weird souls don't get much play on this show and that makes me sad because they make my world go round.

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