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It is really nice that Lifetime plays full episodes of Project Runway. Of course that also means I have to watch Ra'mon's ignominious departure again, which was just cruel. Cruel! So his dress looked like an outfit for Jem and the Holograms or even The Misfits. It was totally fit for Synergy. And, admit, we've seen way worse outfits receive accolades from the judges. (Yeah, I'm looking at you Angela.) Without Ra'mon the show has lost its luster. I mean who else can tie dye some lime green neoprene and win? Shirin? She wouldn't dare. Who else am I supposed to love? Oh well, on with the show.

Over at the Atlas apartments, Gordana is thanking her Teutonic gods ('Sup Freya!) for letting her skate out of the bottom three despite her slumber party worthy outfit. But none of the other girls even notice she is still there because she is too old to exist. Like a fairy or Don Knotts. Over at the "men's" apartment they are all up in my pity party about Ra'mon being gone. Except their party (like cheap wine) has an obvious undercurrent of hostility and mirth. They know that without him they may have a shot at winning. Christopher is practically giggling as his Dippity Dos his locks of love. Logan has to move into their love shack as they are the last four men in the competition, which might as well be the entire planetary system. He is now shacking up with Nicholas (who has a very small dog in real life), Epperson, and Christopher and Christopher's hair gel. Logan's lone t-shirt looks sad in Ra'mon's abandoned armoire. Over at the ladies' lair, the sad eyes of Louise Black of Dallas, Texas explain how very much she didn't want to go home despite designing a beadazzled potato sack for the last challenge. The dress was merely a cry for help! Now that they've allowed her to take her Cymbalta she is totally back in this competition. She irons her hair and heads out the door.

The remaining ten contestants sit in their plastic risers waiting for Heidi to earn her $500,000 per line. She goose walks onto the stage wearing high heels, black shirt, and leather miniskirt undoubtedly designed by Leatha by Stella from her own skin to clad Heidi's expensive curves. Unfortunately I am pretty sure I saw this exact same outfit on the tween daughter of Teresa from the Real Housewives of New Jersey and I'm not entirely sure that is the look Heidi is going for. But seriously, has Heidi ever meant a leopard print she didn't like? Neither has Teresa. Heidi congratulates Nicholas on his Snow Queen's victory from win last week and reminds him and everyone else that he has immunity. She then announces that their next challenge will be "colorful". She tells the contestants that Tim will tell them the rest, waves her goodbyes, and collapses exhausted after a hard day's work.

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