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The Jay McCarroll Interview

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The Jay McCarroll Interview
In preparation for the upcoming season of Project Runway, we have a little treat, of sorts, for you. It's my extremely odd, perhaps-something-I-dreamt, somewhat disturbing phone interview that I had with Season One winner Jay McCarroll. Here's how it came about: my boyfriend is friendly with Jay's publicist, Nancy Kane (who happens to be a lovely woman) and, when she heard I was writing about the show for Television Without Pity, she offered me the chance to speak with Jay on the eve of the premiere of his special, Project Jay. What follows is our conversation. Unless I really did dream it, which, I don't know, crazier things have happened. Jay McCarroll: This is the most retarded thing I've ever done. I was just in a radio interview and we were on the 36th floor and I couldn't get reception, then I couldn't hear you and then my battery died so now I'm using someone else's phone -- [big breath] -- so, what's going on? TWoP: Nothing much. How's it going? I'm here. I'm alive! I'm good. You and I actually met very briefly-- [at the premiere party for the second season]. I know. You were wearing coral or orange, and you have long brown hair. It's not long. I guess it was long-ish, at the time. [I have no idea why I was arguing about this. But, even at its longest, I haven't had hair that could be called "long" since 1997. I think I was wearing orange. But, again, who fucking cares?] Chin-length. [For real, it wasn't that long. I hate myself.] So, your show's coming up tomorrow night. Are you excited? [hesitates] Uh, yeah. I'm more kind of consumed with making a drag queen her outfit [Jay McCarroll-outfitted drag queens adorned the premiere party for the show] and listening to the RSVP stories and just getting prepared. My sister's coming in from out of town, so I'm just kind of like inundated with the little details. And I've seen the show a hundred times, so it's not anything new to me. Did you have any creative control over the edit? No. Nothing at all. Was it similar to your experience on Project Runway, where it was just you doing your thing and them following you around? Yeah, um, a little more involved, of course, because I was just the subject matter. Whereas, there was no trying to align me with Wendy [Pepper] to walk somewhere or something. So, it was a more personal experience, I guess. I didn't have like any say or anything. But I was also kind of like, "Where do you want me to stand?" Whereas on Project Runway, they never told you to do anything. They just kind of had to capture what they captured when they captured it.

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