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Emilio and Anna's dress is next. It's a tea-length fitted dress in gray. The skirt is high-waisted and the bodice is a different fabric with a rolling texture and a lighter shade of gray. It is paired with a gray shrug that bunches in a pretty cloud-like way. The model removes the shrug revealing that the back plunges. It's very pretty and fits, as Emilio says, like a glove. Emilio also says that he could have been more innovative, however, he was working with someone without a lot of experience. He may be right, but leave it to him to always point shit like that out.

Here is Maya and Jay's look. It's really cool. It's a sleeveless floor-length gown in black. There are vertical slits in the dress that reveal gray fabric, like gills. The right shoulder has a sculptural element. There are different panels of gray silk in different heights. It looks like a fungus, but in a good way. Maya is happy with it. She thinks that it looks part-futuristic/part-old Hollywood. She says it's the sort of dress that you either love or think weird, which was a leap of faith for her.

Here's Ping and Jesse's look. It's pretty complex. It's a skirt of gray and black and brown(?). It's long and wraps around the model's shoulder. The bodice is fitted and looks well-made. Ping loves it. She thinks it's very elegant. I don't hate it. It is kinda pretty. Ping looks to Jesse for approval and he returns her look with one saying that she's crazy.

Now, the looks for less. First, we have Jesus and Amy's interpretation of Ping and Jesse's look. It's baggy harem pants with a sleeveless black top. There's a panel of lace at the neck of the top that mimics the neckline of the inspiration. Amy thinks they nailed it. It's pretty damn cute.

Here's Seth Aaron and Anthony's version of Jesus and Amy's gown. It's a fitted skirt of peach with black lace over it. That mimics the nude qualities of the inspiration. The top is a cute pleated dealio with cute straps. I don't get that part. Seth Aaron thinks they did OK for not having much time, but he's not sure how the judges feel about it. It's kinda weird. The bodice looks like an afterthought, however, it fits very well.

Next, we have Mila and Jonathan's version of Anthony and Seth Aaron's gown. It's a baby doll dress with halter straps. The bodice is yellow and the skirt black. It's a look for less, but it's almost like a look for someone other than the person who would have purchased the first gown. My mind is folding in on itself. All Jonathan has to say is that their dress is "definitely the scaled-down" version of their inspiration. He does have props for the model, who gave them "fun and flirty" just as they requested.

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