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Tim enters and tells them that they'll have an hour to send their models through hair and make-up. The models enter and Ben interviews that he's worried about Ben and Ping because of their bickering. He also thinks that their look for less doesn't resemble Emilio and Anna's dress. Jesus and Amy are happy with what they've created. Jesus is emphatic that he not be in the bottom two again. Ping thinks that their high-end look is beautiful. Tim pulls everyone to the runway. Jesse interviews that he just wants to be safe.

Heidi enters the runway and greets everyone. She introduces Michael, Nina, and Matthew Williamson (British designer). And, the show begins. First up is Anthony and Seth Aaron's signature look. It's a strapless gown with a full floor-length skirt. The bodice is yellow and has little tulle flowers all over it. There is no red, like earlier. It's kind of boring, frankly. You could get this from any dressmaker. Anthony says that it represents what he holds dear -- classic elegance and beauty. Anthony, do not confuse "classic" with "already done."

Jesus and Amy's signature look is next. It's a fitted floor-length gown in a black and nude pattern that is incredibly interesting. The skirt flares below the knee. There is a structural shrug element that is really cool. It's half collar/half vest. Jesus is very happy with what they accomplished. He thinks that it is modern and high fashion.

Up next is Mila and Jonathan's signature look. There is a coat that hits below the knee. It is black except for two white circles that encompass the sides and sleeves. It is paired with black slacks with white racing stripes on the sides. A shimmering black top, fairly simple, completes the look. It is very cool. The jacket has a yellow liner that pops like hell. You can see all of the work that she put into it. So, perhaps we've discovered a new paradigm for teams on Project Runway. Instead of a race to make sure everyone has done essentially the same amount and type of work, maybe a person can really focus on the design/leading. And, a really well-made garment can be important for your success and that doesn't always happen really quickly. Mila feels like this is the first challenge where she has been able to fully express her point-of-view.

Janeane and Ben's look is next. It's a short dress with, I think, dark blue and black panels. It is paired with a sleeveless shrug. It's not very signature. Because of the dark colors, I may be missing some fancy construction though. It looks really nice on the model. Janeane is happy with it.

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