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Tim enters to check on everyone. He notices that Jay and Maya seemed stress. They are still working on their first look and haven't really started on their second. He asks them if they have a timeline and Maya notes that he seemed to doubt that they would have time to finish. She's confident that, with a fire under their asses, they'll finish. Tim confirms for Jesse that the fabric Ping chose for their look for less looked cheap. He seems thrilled to be validated. Tim tells Anthony and Seth Aaron that, since the bottom of their dress is clearly derivative of Jesus and Amy's design, they can do whatever they want with the bottom. Anthony says that Seth "Papi" Aaron abandoned his idea of an asymmetrical top. Seth Aaron denies "abandoning" it (he just put it on the floor is all) and Anthony asks why he's acting up in front of company. Tim loves it. He thinks that Mila's coat is beautiful too. He tells everyone to work, then departs. Jesse interviews that he just wants Ping out of the way so he can work.

The next day, when asked if he was prepared, Anthony announces that he is "stacked, packed, and ready to attack." Ben tells the guys in his apartment that Jonathan is having a rough time. Everyone is shocked that Mila worked on the coat the entire time. Jonathan says that he's worried about Mila's time management. He hasn't had a challenge yet where he left the night before a runway show without a completed garment. Ping says of Janeane and Anne, who are both dressed in black, that they look very nice together. Anne says that they look like they are going to a funeral or "the death of their hopes and dreams." Sometimes Anne, you have to go to that funeral a whole bunch of time. But I digress.

At the workroom, everyone is busy. Emilio says that Anthony's dress was a great concept, but the execution was "hideous." He thinks that Anthony spent too much time decorating it, instead of figuring out proper construction. Maya is frustrated because she feels like Jay is slacking. Ping notes that Jesse is worried about saving his own ass instead thinking about teamwork. Mila is nervous about getting called out for only working on the coat. Jonathan interviews that Mila took everything outside of her realm and gave it to him to complete, in case it backfired. I think there's not really proof of that. In fact, you can tell that's she worried that she did the wrong thing by giving him too much to do. She's practically hyperventilating as she talks to him about it. The little bitch actually makes her feel better by saying that other teams had a similar situation. She's like, "Where one person is more in charge of sewing?" He replies that he doesn't want to sound like a seamstress. You can't win with these bastards. She interviews that this design was "such a vision" for her. Sounds like she took seriously the task of really designing this thing.

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