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Back at the workroom, Ping excitedly showed Jesse the "beautiful" fabric that she got. He interviews that it was a "hooker" fabric. Jay interviews that he is a little worried that he and Maya won't have enough time to finish, but, actually, since he has immunity he's not stressed at all. We see Jay eating an apple and looking at Anthony sewing. Anthony asks him why the hell he's up in there spectating and Jay explains that he's taking a break. Cue Maya interviewing that she wishes she weren't working with Jay -- someone without immunity would be working harder. Janeane feels really confident about her work with Ben.

Mila is taking a lot of time with her jacket. Jonathan snarks to Jesse that he "loves" how they haven't even discussed starting their second look. Jesse says that Jonathan knows that if he doesn't do it, it won't get done. I'm assuming that's because bitches are just too stupid to get it done. Jonathan is "concerned."

Seth Aaron seems to be changing his mind a lot, which is bothering Anthony. Seth Aaron interviews that he's the sort of chap who will push you out of the way and keep changing things until they're perfect. Anthony points out that Seth Aaron isn't happy unless Anthony bends totally to his will. Anthony interviews that his better judgment told him that slapping Seth Aaron would not get the results that he wanted. Kudos to Anthony's better judgment.

The models enter to be fitted. Jonathan interviews that he is running the fitting. Poor thing. Ping tries to raise a concern about something with his fitting and Jesse shuts her down. She interviews that Jesse doesn't seem to take her seriously and she finds that unprofessional. You know what? I gotta agree with her there. He is showing her no respect at all. He tells her that he wanted to see his "fucking dress" in an effort, I think, to shut her down further. Dude is kind of an asshole, I'm starting to think. Ping finally says that she wants the dress to be worn in a different way. She even has to say "I'm the team leader" and Jesse huffs and says that she's making that clear. Emilio, who is also a bit of an asshole if you ask me, mutters that Ping should shut her mouth. He interviews that Jesse and Ping are like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. "Just shut up an work," he says.

When the models are gone and the workroom is quiet, Anthony tells Ping that she's doing a great job and he thinks her dress is pretty. She thanks him, then a few moments pass before Anthony ahems. Doesn't she have anything nice to say to him? She laughs and says that he's very nice and she likes him very much. He says he likes her too.

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