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Anthony says that their color palette is bright yellow, red, and black. So, he thinks they may be creating a gown for the VP of McDonald's. "Everybody needs a dress," he figures with a laugh. Jesse says that he's making a dress of 30 pieces, put together like origami. He thinks they are not going to have enough time.

And, it's the next day. Seth Aaron says that they were so excited to focus on their dress for another day...when Tim enters. He has everyone gather 'round. He tells them that they will be creating an additional look and jaws drop. They will have to create a mass market version, or "look for less" as Tim calls it, of their designs for $50. Seth Aaron worries that his look for less will have to consist of napkins and hot glue. Wow, money corrupts. It wasn't that long ago that $50 was near the norm for a lot of challenges. Oh, and it's not over -- the look for less will be based on the high-end design of one of their fellow designers. Tim reminds them that they are designers, not plagiarists. Tim picks buttons from the bag and the team he chooses gets to decide which other team's design they will work with. Ping and Jesse pick Emilio. Janeane and Ben pick Mila. Jay and Maya pick Janeane. Mila and Jonathan pick Anthony. Anthony and Seth Aaron pick Jesus. Jesus and Amy pick Ping, which means that Emilio and Anna get Jay. Jesus interviews that he is shocked that there is a new element to the challenge considering they are not finished with their first look. Tim gives them a moment to design, then he will take one team member to Mood.

Jesus and Amy decide to drape some pants to mimic the drape-y quality of Ping's design. Emilio and Anna decide to create an asymmetrical dress in the colors that Maya and Jay are using. He mentions that their dress is very sculptural and I'm not sure if his look for less design is because of or despite this tidbit. Anthony decides to use peach and lace for his look, which Seth Aaron interviews seems "old lady" to him. Mila decides that they will make a cocktail dress and suggests spaghetti straps, which Jonathan shoots down. Jesse and Ping are still arguing. He thinks that she's trying to copy their sketch. He tells her that they don't need a jacket. They go with a simple design and he says that he is worried because he's not going shopping.

At Mood, Janeane uses cotton instead of the silk that Mila and Jonathan are using. The make it look like Ping was scrambling, but it also looks like Seth Aaron got in the checkout line after her.

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