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Back at the workroom, everybody gets cooking. Anna interviews that working with Emilio is intimidating because he's established and she's a newbie. She asks him if he's some sort of "secret genius." We don't hear his answer, perhaps because it's a secret. She says that his style is bold, while hers is soft. Jonathan tells Mila that he thinks they need to start on the coat in their look as soon as possible. She replies that he will need to have a little patience, as she is someone who needs time to digest things. Jonathan points out in his interview that Mila is a very meticulous person. To that point, he adds that she's doing a lot of thinking while he's doing a lot of executing. Now, I'm not secret genius, but beneath his flat tone, I detect an insult. Mila interviews that they were informed that the challenge would be a group effort, however, the team leader is at greater risk of elimination. So, eat it, Jonathan. She wants to think.

Ping and Jesse are having serious problems. I'm not getting a clear picture of the problem. Jesse seems upset at the idea that his work would be covered by some other part of Ping's design. He's being really aggressive and, frankly, I don't think he'd be acting like that with a man. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a police person, but it's totally there. Ping interviews that she is having a hard time working with Jesse and she thinks it's because he's insecure with her unorthodox approach. It's probably due to the fact that she's not a great communicator either, but I don't think Jesse is helping matters. He asks her for some decision and his jaw is so clenched and tense -- it's kinda crazy. He interviews that he worries about time constraints with Ping because she is always changing her mind. Finally, she tells him that she is not used to questioning her ideas. She needs him to be quiet. He interviews that he's just trying to "reign in the crazy." Well, since you approached it like that, hot shot, it's never going to work. Ping tells him that she keeps changing her mind because he's making her doubt her design. He tells her that he's not doubting the vision, but he wants to know that there is a vision. Oh, that's better. Thanks for clearing that up, Secretary Kissinger.

Jonathan interviews that Ping and Jesse are fighting non-stop, so he's unable to tell if they're going to be able to pull off a cohesive look or not. Mila interviews that she is enjoying working with Jonathan. She's making the coat, while he's making the top and the pants. Jesse jokes to him that he'd better not mess it up or Mila will punch him in the throat. More violence. Someone was a little Method while playing pirates, methinks.

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