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Everyone returns to the workroom to design their looks. Ping tells Jesse that her style is flowing and organic, while Jesse's is tailored. She would like to combine the two styles. Seems completely sane, doesn't it? Anthony tells Seth Aaron that he wants to make some sort of jacket that will cover something that's yellow, thus making the yellow stuff a surprise. Jonathan interviews that Tim made it clear that the team leader had final say in decision-making. He says that Mila has no problem making decisions. We see her tell Jonathan that something's too risky, but she could have been talking about her own idea or having Indian for lunch. I'm still waiting for Jonathan to bring the drama and I think baby's about to serve it. Janeane and Ben decide to make a two-piece look, because they want it to be multi-functional. It looks like Maya is taking the upper hand with Jay and she tells us it's because Jay has immunity and she would be the one getting the ax if they were in the bottom. Cynical but damn smart.

Tim comes in and takes the gang to Mood. They have 45 minutes to shop! That seems like a lot of time. Amy tells us that she and Jesus are going to create a dramatic dress with a large vest over it. Elaine Stritch, I believe we've found your Tony dress! Seriously, Stritchy wears a lot of vests. Amy says that she's excited to get a lot of expensive fabric. They look like they've got it together.

Uh oh, there's trouble in hell. Ping is all over the place with fabrics and shit and wrapping stuff around her head. Jesse asks her a question about something and she tells him that he's going to do it and he freaks out and says that she's going to fuck up his pattern. He angrily explains himself to her (something about not having wasted fabric?) and, though she doesn't seem like a great listener, she complies. Behind her back, he smacks his fist into his other hand. I find that kind of shocking, no? I mean, turn over a table if you have to but don't make me think you're gonna start hitting shit. Jesse, we haven't even seen you shirtless yet -- do NOT fuck this up for us by getting thrown off of Project Runway for something as ridiculous as fighting. Emilio and Anna, by contrast, are a match made in heaven. Jesse tries to confirm that Ping wants a certain fabric and she says she can't find her sketch book. That was not the answer to his question.

Mila says that she wants to create a nod to the '60s. It will be beautiful and fashion forward. Wow, so that term is starting to wear on me a little. I know it's useful, but stop it. And, here is Ping running around looking for her sketch book. She finally realizes that she's wasting her time and can just get another sketch book. Also, she left her envelope containing $500 just sitting around. Tim smiles, because he thinks she's a maroon. Jesse is not amused. Most of the teams seem really excited to buy expensive stuff.

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