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It's time to pick teams. Since Jay won the last challenge, he is automatically a team leader. And, Tim has the velvet button bag. He pulls out the buttons for Jesus, then Anthony (everyone catcalls when his name is announced -- looks like somebody is growing some goodwill!), Janeane, Mila, Ping, and Emilio. Ping interviews that she is excited to be a team leader, because she thinks that she is very good at delegation. I'd like for Ping to not just be a whack job, you know? I understand that she's already on the last nerve of the majority, but I always have such great hopes for the Ping of each season. I love the feeling that we could see something just completely original and bizarre. The problem is that it always seems like the people with those sorts of minds don't have the work ethic to match. They can't manage their time or they don't know construction. I find it such a drag because I want one of the Pings of the world to conquer this show one day. I think maybe I'm getting tired of pretty. Whatever, though, Ping's totally crazy and not going to win this. I get that now. I'm sad.

The team leaders get to choose their teammate, starting with Jay. He excitedly chooses Maya. She seems OK with it. Jesus chooses Amy -- that was very smart. I don't know if I've made this clear yet, but I totally think Amy is going to win this whole thing. She WILL be at Bryant Park -- she just has to be. I think Jay will be a finalist too. So, we will have an arc of either disappointment or righteousness in this season's recaps. Excited? Anthony says, I shit you not, "I choose this day, Seth Aaron." I'm shocked that the mix of iconic dresses, old sculptures, whatever occult items are lying around the Met, and Anthony's ridiculous declaration didn't open some sort of hell mouth. Janeane chooses Ben. Mila says that Jonathan has excellent construction skills. There's something so arch and weird about her. I wish I liked her more because she doesn't seem like a horrible person or anything.

Only Jesse and Anna remain and it's Ping's turn to choose. Jesse interviews that he doesn't want to be chosen by Ping. So, she chooses Jesse. He seems like he maybe has the tiniest of rage issues. This means that Emilio and Anna are working together. He tells her they're going to "do it" and adds that she is the "classic American girl." I think he's trying to make her feel better about not being chosen, but that means nothing.

Tim gives them a moment to be inspired by the dresses. Seth Aaron is astounded at the opportunity to stand so close to a classic Dior without glass, guards, or pit bulls. Take it from the proud owner of two Standard Poodles and 47 half-pairs of socks, dogs and clothes do not go together. Janeane says that she has never been so close to couture before and she thinks she might cry. Tim hugs her and says that he feels the same way. He doesn't. He would like for her to stop talking. They all seem pretty excited though. The Balenciaga number that they have displayed is really pretty amazing.

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