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They leave and the losers return with their models. Ping says that she wanted to create something timeless. Nina asks the model to release the wrap part of the skirt. She says that it's like a tail, just a bunch of fabric. Michael says that she has to stand like the Statue of Liberty to wear that look. About the look for less, Ping says that she designed the top and Jesse designed the skirt. Michael begs to differ. He doesn't think anything was designed at all. The only relation it has to Emilio and Anna's dress is that there is some gray in it. Otherwise, it's just a blah dress. Nina asks who did the sewing. Jesse says that it was him, because he had to teach Ping sewing lessons as they were working. Ping just sort of hangs her head. Heidi calls on the model, who apparently is dying to say something. She says that Ping never fitted her in the dress, in fact, she never even saw her in it. Michael says that it shows.

Anthony says that he was inspired by the Dior silhouette. Michael compares it to the Southern cotillion from hell. He hates all of the business going on. He says that it looks like Gone With The Wind and Anthony has to laugh. He asks what they would have done to modernize the look, but Matthew says that they can't design it for him. In regards to the look for less, they say that they were running out of time, so they created the top that we see. Heidi says that's no way to stand behind your garment. Michael thinks it looks really cheap. Seth Aaron accepts the blame for the look for less. Nina says that she's surprised that Seth (she refuses to say "Aaron," I hear ya' girl) didn't step in and save Anthony from himself. Seth Aaron says that he respected Anthony as leader, but he accepts half of the blame. Wow. I respect that.

The designers leave the stage. Heidi loved Maya and Jay's look for less. Nina and Michael agree. Michael says that Mila's coat was exciting and had a signature. Matthew thinks it's unique as well. He also thinks that Ping's dress was a mess of ideas. Heidi didn't like her lack of interest in the look for less. Nina thinks that Anthony was too literal with his inspiration. Heidi says that his signature was too costume-y.

The designers return! Jonathan is in. Heidi tells Mila that her signature look was modern. She won the challenge! She has immunity for the next challenge. She interviews that it feels wonderful to win. This challenge was important to her because the signature look was very true to who she is as a designer. She gets hugs from everyone (except an absent Jonathan) backstage. Maya is in. Jay is in, duh. Seth Aaron is in. Jesse is in. Anthony is... in. He gasps inside and hugs Ping before he leaves. She starts to cry. She gets her kisses and goes backstage. She interviews tearfully that she came to the show to learn and to see what she could do. In that regard, she feels like she did an amazing job. Well goddamn, this makes me want to cry. Bless her heart, she really believes in what she's doing. However unrealistic it might be, I like this so much more than someone being weird just to be different. I believe her. Jesse hugs her backstage, which is nice, I guess. I don't understand that. I'd hate him. She tells the other designers that she would like for them to remember the happy Ping, instead of the crying Ping (but adds that she did cry a lot on the show). She hugs Tim and he tells her that he can't imagine the workroom without her.

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