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Janeane and Ben's version of Mila and Jonathan's dress is next. It's actually better than their signature look! It's a short jacket with similar panels, though less rigorous. It is paired with a simple knee-length cocktail dress. The cut of the jacket is really perfect. Ben says they are very happy with it.

Following that is Emilio and Anna's interpretation of Jay and Maya's dress. It's a one-shouldered handkerchief dress in a black and gray stripe. There is a waistband of gray with a narrow black stripe inside of it. It's really cute. Anna is happy with it and feels like it reflects her.

Here we have Jay and Maya's version of Janeane and Ben, for less. It's better though. It's a black skirt and top with a short blue shrug. But, the bodice has all of this cute pleating on it that makes it really interesting. Jay is all blah and says that he's happy with zzzzzzz.

Oh no. Here's Ping and Jesse's version of Emilio and Anna's gown. It's a nothing gray and black dress. Totally shapeless. The top is gray, the bottom black. It's getting Agnes of God up in here. Jesse doesn't think it's strong. He says that it's not how he would represent himself, if he had "the choice."

Afterwards, Heidi asks Jesus/Amy, Emilio/Anna, and Ben/Janeane to step forward. They are safe and can leave. Heidi tells Seth Aaron/Anthony and Ping/Jesse that their teams have the lowest scores. They can leave while the judges talk to the non-losers. The models for the winners return. Heidi asks Jay if he slacked this week and he says that immunity meant nothing to him. Maya kinda hangs her head a little but doesn't say anything. Maya says that she tried to create something that would belong in a museum, something that a collector would want. Matthew says that it's dramatic and unique. Nina likes the bare side opposite the shoulder structure. They think the look for less is more interesting than Janeane and Ben's look.

Mila says that they wanted to create an evening look that was fun and modern. Heidi was sold on it. She loves the suit and can see Mila wearing it as well. They ask the model to turn around and Matthew notes that it is sportswear inspired--clean and graphic. Both Nina and Michael love it. Michael was a little blah about a baby doll dress as their look for less. Nina thinks it could have been more modern. Jonathan says they'd tossed around the idea of a trapeze and he thinks they should have gone with their instinct. Michael says they should listen to their guts. He loves that they made some separates, as that's what people really wear.

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