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Previously: The designers created looks out of potato sacks. Pamela didn't listen to the Gunn and was ousted. Ping and Jesus were in the bottom as well. Ping's model went home! Jay won the challenge.

It's morning at the Atlas apartments. In the boys' apartment, someone wrote, "Yay, Jay!" on the chalkboard. Jesse asks Jesus if he plans on winning the competition by being in the bottom two the entire time. I'd really love to hear something like that first thing in the morning. Jesus interviews that, if he wants to go forward in the competition, he needs to be himself and design what Jesus designs. I can't tell if he's agreeing with Jesse or saying that he needs to work harder. Because, it looked like he was being plenty Jesus before. Jesse says that Jesus will just surprise them each challenge. He'll pull a "Ping." I'm really not sure what Jesse is getting at. Pull a "Ping" by surviving even though he's in the bottom? Because, Jesus has done that more often. Or, does he mean that he'll make something that everyone thinks is crap but gets praised by the judges? Jesse interviews that he believes Ping should have been sent home during the last challenge and he's shocked that she's still here. There's something a little too smug about that, especially coming from someone who hasn't come close to creating anything that special yet.

In the girls' apartment, Ping is having contact lens problems. She says that she can only see through one eye and Anna suggests that it may help her design. These bitches are harsh.

At the runway, Heidi greets everyone. She asks them if they are interested in meeting some of the most iconic fashion designers in history. No one is interested. Kidding! Of course, everyone's all, "I love fashion." Heidi says that Tim is waiting to introduce them to the icons. Janeane interviews that she has never met any top designers before, but she's also aware that Project Runway likes to pull a leg or two come challenge time.

Here we are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Mila says that she knew where she was as soon as she got there. Terrific work, Mila. Others probably knew from the large etchings on the huge building that read, "Metropolitan Museum of Art." But, anyway, Mila adds that it's one of the most inspirational places in the world. Tim greets the designers in the newly reopened American Wing's Charles Engelhard Court. There are mannequins lined up in different gowns. They are iconic looks from the archives at the Costume Institute. Tim says that a designer's ultimate honor is to be among the designers included in the Costume Institute. They will be working in teams of two to create high-end looks that would be at home amongst the iconic looks in their company. Tim tells them that, in order to insure their success, they are getting a $500 budget! The crowd goes wild! This is the largest budget in the history of the show. We'd better see some beauty walking up in there. And, they'll have two days to work!

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