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Previously: The designers had to design couture looks inspired by birds. Bert was not into it and totally bombed. Anya didn't loan Josh any fabric and he got pissed. He got further pissed when she won the challenge...and 20 grand. It looked like Kimberly was failing, but she really pulled it out.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Josh is telling Viktor over coffee that it's sad to see Bert gone. That's interesting. He says that it just took time for them to understand who he was. I have a great tip for you. Seriously, this is a good one. Take it to the bank. Here it goes: Be nice to people. Whether you understand them or not. You don't happen to have the patent on understanding people worth being understood, so unless someone's out there shooting grandmas or defacing posters of Ryan Gosling, you should just go ahead and assume that there are human, worthwhile qualities in them whether or not you UNDERSTAND them or not. You stupid bitch. Viktor says that Bert could have stayed longer than Kimberly, which... maybe that's true in some sense. These guys really don't have much respect for design though. This is a design competition. You have to have the facility to manifest your designs, so you need to be a good sewer. But, it's not a sewing competition. Right? That would be a total bore.

Josh says that now that they're supposed to be the best of the best, they should be showing the best of the best tailoring, pressing and construction. All things aren't equal though. He says that all of Anya's pieces are flowing and he doesn't even know if she can make a jacket or not. BUT, her design skills are so beyond anything he can even think up. It's like you can see her actual touch in the clothing, to it's most minute detail. That's style. I do not care if that girl doesn't sew as well as him. You could put her in a room with parchment paper and a can opener and she would make something better than those horrible '70s pants Josh made a few weeks ago. Because she has style. I don't know why I need to scream this so much, but I just find it irritating that they're acting like her success is some sort of aberration brought on by her prettiness. Now, she's going to be able to sell the hell out of her stuff because she happens to also be incredibly beautiful and disarming and my number one or two choice for world domination -- but that's not what her winning is about. Her clothes are amazing. Josh interviews that his sewing is impeccable and he thinks that will give him a leg up. He asks how someone can make it this far in a design competition without doing "anything of that nature." Jackets? Construction, tailoring and pressing? I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think he is either so that's OK.

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