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Dirt, Air, Fire and Nice
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Previously: The designers had to create looks from materials purchased at a hardware store. Things looked pretty doomed from the beginning. Jay created an amazing faux-leather look with garbage bags. Jesse, meanwhile, got slammed for an amateurish tin man look. He left the show with all of his clothes on.

It's morning at the Atlas building. Seth Aaron is pleading with someone to get out of the bathroom. Jonathan is applying lip balm. Emilio says that he got spanked by Michael and Heidi during the last challenge. He says that he has learned his lesson. What lesson would that be? There are so many lessons that have not been followed when one creates a look of metal washers and string. In fact, he went so completely wrong during the design and execution of his look that it almost seems like he schooled us. That lesson would go as follows: When you have fudged your look and there's nowhere to run, LIE YOUR ASS OFF ON THE RUNWAY. Seriously, he deserves a bit of a hand of applause. The way he played off that disaster like he was just trying to think outside of the box? A swimsuit instead of a dress! Come on. Not to mention the way he had his girl styled over the top and acted like it was a part of his initial vision. Kind of brilliant when you think about it. Frankly, I think that's part of the reason he wasn't eliminated. The notion sort of plays against the stated mission of the show, but sometimes the fashion world is about faking it until you make it. Emilio says that he hopes that he never sees another hardware store. He adds that the part of the last challenge that really bothers him is that he was in the bottom two with Jesse, who was his roommate. But, as the old saying goes, somebody had to leave and he's glad it wasn't him.

Maya and Mila are sunning in the window of their apartment. Maya says to Mila that, during the beginning days of the competition, she was intimidated by the other designers and their talent. Now, though, she has begun to see everyone's humanity. Mila interviews that Maya is an old soul. Though Mila is almost twice Maya's age (her observation), they learn something new about each other that they share in common every day. If Mila were out and Maya in, she would be happy for her. She acknowledges that, though they are not hyper-competitive right now, that might change, but I think these two are going to remain good friends.

Jay says that the remaining men are like the Victoria's Secret Wonderbra. They lift each other. That was a pretty laborious way to make that point. And, I'm thinking, so does it change -- the people that are the boobs and the people that are the padded bra cups? Whatever, I just think that was a stupid thing to say. Perhaps it's dumber to dedicate so many sentences to that joke. Touche, Jay. Ben says that he thinks it's great the four of them have survived the competition, because they all have different points of view. Ben interviews with hesitation that he was glad he was safe again. He's glad that he has been consistent, but...he was hoping that he would have really impressed the judges by now.

The guys recall that Tim is always telling them to "Trust your gut." Anthony says, "Oh, my viscera!" Jay asks him what part of the body the viscera is. Anthony isn't sure. He looks at his belly and says that he has been searching for his viscera for days. Anthony, don't ever leave me.

At the runway, an ever-expanding Heidi greets them. She reminds Jay that he has immunity for this challenge, and he's the last one who's going to get it. From this point on, there's no more immunity. Maya interviews that the competition is getting tighter and everyone is starting to become aware of that. Obviously, Maya. I feel like each week one of the designers is required to say the stupidly obvious repetitious stuff that is used as filler. It seems like Emilio has had to be the bitch for the first part of the season (what with the, "When Heidi said that, I didn't know WHAT to think!" crap he has been spouting), but now, Maya, the mantle has been passed. Yes, this is a competition and there are now fewer people, but I think you already knew that.

Heidi explains that Tim will be meeting the designers on the roof of the Atlas building to help them "channel" natural creativity. Oh, and Jonathan gets the privilege of saying how they don't know what she means. He guesses that it could be an eco-challenge or perhaps related to the view from the rooftop. Not bad guesses, but just walk five blocks and find out.

Tim greets the designers on the roof. Tim is joined by Philip Carreon, celebrity hairstylist for Garnier. Philip would be adorable save for the stupid facial hair he is sporting. Dear world, we must stop it with these little patches of hair. They are distracting. They suggest hormonal imbalance. They are not doing what you think you do. Unless, of course, I'm the idiot with symmetrical facial hair or no facial hair and no one is ever going to love me. That's going to be a hard lesson to learn. Tim asks the designers to take a look around. Their current environment is the quintessence of "man-made," but for this challenge they are going to take a step towards nature. The inspiration for the challenge will be one of the four natural elements (fire, earth, water, air). Philip adds that Garnier Fructis combines the natural elements with the latest in beauty technology. He implores them to find their inspiration in nature and he and his co-horts will find a hairstyle that stands up to WHATEVER elemental force they can imagine. Wow.

Since Jay won the last challenge, he gets to choose the element he wants to work with. He goes for air. Next, Tim says that there are 8 cards, with each element written on 2 cards each. Now, I can't really tell here, but it looks like they get to choose which they want. There is, however, chance involved with Tim choosing the names from the lovely velvet button bag. He chooses Maya first and she goes with water. Jonathan's name is chosen next and he interviews about how each little choice, whether it's shopping or whatnot, is of huge consequence now. He chooses air. Ben is next and chooses water. Mila is next and chooses earth and says really dorkily, "I'm an earth sign!" I actually kinda like her for being her age and still sort of weird and awkward. She interviews that her designs are not typically something you would think of as earthy, but she's going to try to think outside of the box. Anthony picks his card and Tim replies, "Anthony's on fire." Everyone laughs as Anthony fans himself with the card. Amy chooses fire also. Emilio chooses earth, which leaves Seth Aaron with air. Seth Aaron interviews that, when he thinks of air, he thinks of happy shit, so he's very confused. Poor baby thinks he can't be the dark prince and wants everyone to know how difficult that is. Hello, tornadoes.

Back at the workroom, they have 30 minutes to sketch before they go to Mood where they will each have a $150 budget. Ben tells us that water is too fluid for him, so he sketches in the direction of sharks. He decides to build a suit. He is aware that it takes expert tailoring to create a suit (and that's not where his talent is), but he feels strongly that he needs to show the judges a different side of himself as a designer. But, where are you going to get the tailoring? He himself seems to not know the answer but is going through with his idea to make this suit. I'm already worried.

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