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Previously: The designers created a look for Heidi Klum to wear on the red carpet. Make that, "the designers minus Maya." The reasons that grow murkier the more I think about it, Maya left the competition. Anthony was brought back. Emilio and Anthony were both winners of the challenge. And, Jonathan, sadly, was sent home.

Doo-da-loo-doo! Doo-da-loo-doo-doo! It's the final countdown! It's morning at the Atlas building and Anthony is trying to wake everyone up. His tactic is to sing in the exact key of shut the fuck up. Seth Aaron looks like he maybe will kill Anthony. That would be sad when he's come so far. Anthony interviews that winning the last challenge was great. He tells Seth Aaron to (rhetorically) pinch him, but Seth Aaron actually pinches him. Anthony continues in his interview, saying that he wants to stay in the same frame of mind for this challenge but needs to "pump up the volume." Continuing his quest to be killed by the not morning people in the apartment, Anthony puts on some giant sunglasses and mugs at Emilio while saying loudly, "Welcome to a morning at home with Anthony." Emilio does a decent job of being genial while conveying that he will not be fucked with. Emilio interviews that they're going into the last challenge. This is what they have all been waiting for. He adds that Bryant Park is going to be his defining moment. Very well.

Meanwhile, Mila is getting ready in solitude, ironing her hair by her lonesome. She says that she's still reeling from the fact that she's in the final group of five designers and is headed into the last challenge. She's feeling a lot of pressure but is trying to visualize herself showing her collection at Bryant Park. Emilio tells the other boys to put their faces on and collect their purses, for now it is time to leave for Parsons. They make Mila say, "Parsons here we come," and she sounds all wan and lame. It's really funny.

Heidi greets all of the designers with the classic and woefully underused, "And, then there were five." She asks the designers how they feel about heading into the final challenge. Anthony answers, "Scary as hell." Everyone laughs. Heidi says that they all deserve to be there, which... well, if you want to get technical, Anthony doesn't really super "deserve" to be there. If you ask me, and you didn't, I kinda think that if someone was going to get a free pass, it should've been the people that had made it along with Maya to the point where she was quitting. It would have taken some creative producing and editing to maintain the tension in the last episode, but it's Jonathan who should have benefited from Maya's departure. IF YOU ASK ME. For the final challenge, Heidi says that she's sending them to a tent. It's not a Bryant Park tent, but hopefully it will help them get there. Tim will meet them at this tent. Anthony interviews that something "rugged" is about to happen. He's got to be pulling our legs. He tells us that he didn't pack any rugged clothes and you don't wear Gucci drivers to the mountains, unless you're driving, maybe.

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