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Last week's challenge inspired the designers to a big old bowl of meh. Nicolas got sent home for his lackluster efforts leaving Christopher and Logan as the only representatives of the flailing XY chromosomed designers. Although, it might be worth confirming that Althea's hair is actually female, because it kind of looks like it belongs on Sebastian Bach. Before the day's competition, Christopher and Logan sit in their mancave to scratch in peace while they strategize and tout their superior math skills. Logan thinks they, as the sole surviving members of their race, need to really step it up and get out of their comfort zone. Christopher wants to work on making the judges "get it." I'm not sure what "it" is, but I'm sure it requires several doses of Cipro to cure. Christopher recounts each and every last wonderful thing the judges said about him way back at the beginning of the competition when the judges cared and it was Christmas every day and little birdies helped dress his models. However, it seems that Christopher has been dutch-ovening himself and has managed to kill enough brain cells that he doesn't remember any of the mean nasty things the judges have said about his looks. And by "looks" I mean outfits. The judges haven't sunk to mocking his actual looks yet, although they have seemed harsher than usual this season. Christopher disagrees with me, though. He is pretty sure the judges called him fat. They must have edited that out.

Over in the girls' locker room, Althea's head is being eaten by an octopus and no one is helping her! It is a competition after all. Hmm. Maybe the octopus is actually one of her family secrets for achieving perfect hair. Okay maybe they are curlers, but, wow!, that is a LOT of curlers. Granted she has enough hair for an entire '90s hair band (including the saxophone player who just shows up for soulful solos during the rock ballads.) Irina is pretending to be humanoid and plays well with the other girls in her suite as they boast about the size of their ranks. (RANKS, not racks, minds out of the gutter please.) Althea thinks she, Irina, and Carol Hannah are the best designers in the competition and that Christopher, Logan, and sad, sad Gordana have proven they can't play with the big girls. Gordana is too depressed to even get out of bed at this point. Carol Hannah's exuberance (or mascara) has not rubbed off on Gordana at all (it's waterproof!), but Carol Hannah is not entirely composed of sunshine and bubbles and Lash Blast. She is concerned because all she has shown the judges is dresses. She pinky-swears that she can make pants too. Just not, you know, today.

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