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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Tim tells Josh M. that his look should be able to stand alone without explanation. Tim wonders if Josh C.'s look is too literal. JESUS. Anthony interviews that he doesn't think Josh's design process is refined enough. OK, I could see that. He says that he thinks it will develop, but unfortunately, for this competition, he needs it now. Tim says that he's not trying to criticize his design, he's just posing questions because he doesn't want Josh to go home again. Josh says that it's hard to take criticism, but Tim is right. NOT REALLY. Seriously, what's on that mannequin is not that bad. It's a little safe, but it's neat too. He says it could just be a wolf costume. Urgh. Did ya'll see Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit recently, where it looked like she was Little Red Riding Hood and her heels were in the shape of wolf paws? That's literal, right? Still fucking cool and edgy, right? This obsession with the literal is almost as obnoxious as the misuse of the word "literally" and additionally, only half as obnoxious as the constant complaining about other people misusing the word "literally." Now, I'd just like to say what I'd do if I were working on Josh C.'s look. What's the first thing you think of when you see a wolf? That t-shirt with the dream catcher, right? You make a giant freaking hoop like a dream catcher or some nonsense! Done. Enjoy your immunity next week. Seriously, that's some clever shit.

Skyy talks to Tim about Viktor's look and really sells it. Viktor could learn a few things from her confidence. The kids leave, but Tim says that they will be back for the runway show. Viktor tells everyone that he has learned to appreciate Skyy. He's excited to see if she shuts the judges down during the talkback. Anthony thinks that his design is a big risk, but he's having fun with it. Bryce is trying to make some sort of straightjacket look. Laura thinks that Olivier is a phenomenal designer, but she thinks that he has problems with time management. He's already a minimalist, but she thinks he should have maybe gone super-minimal, in a bold way. I don't even know what that means. Same design, big color? Anyway, she doesn't believe that he has taken his design to the right place.

Anya and Josh C. are sewing next to each other and she asks him if he's nervous. He says that he's glad to be able to show his point-of-view. Anya interviews that she thinks he should be making more of a point of proving himself. Josh C. makes himself a faux-fur mohawk that's oddly effective and realistic.

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