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The next day, as they return to work, Viktor comments that Olivier is like a turtle. He takes a long time to do anything. Also, he's a worrier. Not a "warrior," but a worrier. We got it. Sometimes, I feel like people hear "lawn" when I say my last name. When I was a kid, once pizza was delivered to my house and they'd heard "Wong," per the receipt. This got a wot of miweage in the Wong Househowd. Josh C. is describing his look to Laura and she is barely masking her bad thoughts about the look.

Tim comes in and brings the artwork, accompanied by the child collaborators. Viktor says that he just plastered a smile on his face when he saw Skyy. Kai is super supportive of Laura. She's a deity, what does she really care? Anya's girl loves the feathers on the dress, so take that, Viktor. Sasha, Josh C.'s art partner, suggests that he emphasize the rib cage, similar to their painting. He says that he could do that. Skyy is a trip. She tells Viktor that if she found a dress like the one he is making and it was very cheap she would definitely buy it. I just find that freaking adorable.

Tim consults. He starts with Anthony who says that Wu Qing and he decided that the orange in his dress should go. Tim agrees that it was a good idea and is excited that Wu Qing is inserting ideas. Anya says that she is working to avoid costume. Tim says that he thinks it would be impossible for her to make anything that wasn't tasteful. He tells Kimberly that she wants to avoid giving Michael Kors the opportunity to talk about a "Hiawatha Moment," which suddenly apparently is a bad thing. Tim reminds Laura that her look needs to be provocative, not just pretty. Becky comments that Laura's design looks like a prom dress. These two, I just don't get the amped up animosity. There better be payoff. The bloody kind. So, Becky has all these weird fabric boxes on her dress, reminding me of something that GWAR might wear as lingerie. Tim warns her to avoid looking like a crafts project. Oh, and the gown is in denim. Viktor, who is going full-stop old men in the balcony on The Muppets for this episode, says that, first, who makes a gown in denim? Second, the weird boxes look like an abandoned FedEx shipment. Tim says that he doesn't think that Becky has gone avant-garde.

Bert tells Tim that he loves the work that he made with Antonio. Kimberly thinks that Bert is going too literal. I'm sick of that criticism. He tells Bert that what he's making is unexpected. He agrees. Olivier explains his look to Tim, but he doesn't think he's taking his look far enough. Olivier tries to draw more advice out of Tim but it looks like he's left even more confused. That's interesting to me, because, like Tim says just now, avant-garde means "to lead." Which means that you need to know where you're coming from. Now, Becky or Josh C., for instance, I can imagine not having a really thorough knowledge of the history of high fashion. It just doesn't seem totally conducive to their backgrounds. Olivier has to know though, right? So, juxtapose what you've seen with what you can do, right? Maybe it's coming from a theatre background, but you don't have to imagine that you are the first person making anything ever to make something that leads. In fact, knowing what came before helps you make something new. If everything we created was in a vacuum, chances are a lot of it would be similar.

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