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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

It's time for everyone to talk about Josh C.'s faux fur now. Anthony says that you have to be the right person to use faux fur. Anthony says that walking down the runway looking like the Abdominable Snowman is not avant-garde. But, maybe, isn't it? I'm confused about how avant-garde is essentially everything beyond boring or normal, but everybody thinks there are all these RULES. Shouldn't it just be compelling? Screw the other limitations. It's like Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter. There's really nothing attractive or even correct about her performance, but it's incredibly bold and exciting and you can't not look at it. Josh puts some fake fur on his head and giggles that it's all the rage, but someone corrects him and says that's only in Paris. There's this weird group think that's happening in the workroom this season and, while I find something about the intensity of it kind of intriguing, I think it's ultimately anathema to true creativity. I wonder what everyone's signs are. I'm guessing you got a lump of Libras in there. If Olivier or Anya were Aries, this shit would be off the hook, but, alas, I probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

Anya asks for a "really long ruler" and Bryce starts to giggle. Viktor says that he has a "semi-long" ruler and more guys start giggling. Viktor tells them to get their minds out of the gutter. Don't listen! More minds in gutter, PLEASE! Bert is trying all sorts of new stuff. He's dyeing fabric and he's making this really interestingly-shaped pant. They are going to balloon over the hips and his challenge is to not make his girl look silly. There's an accident and Bert knocks several mannequins over. They're like, "Is this some sort of trend? Ow." Laura says, "Man down." Bert replies, "Two man down." Anthony says that the fit of his dress has to be perfect. Laura is burning the edges of her organza to keep in from fraying, which lends itself to the floral theme of her design by resembling wilted petals. She makes a remark about fear of starting a fire and Josh C. says that he is an Eagle Scout and would be able to put out the fire. Love. Is it gross to have a thing for grown up Eagle Scouts? Anyway, Laura hears, "Needle Scout," which is frankly awesome.

Josh M. says that he's interested to see what Becky does for this challenge. He hopes that his direction in the last challenge maybe helped her be a little more creative. That's a crazy thing to say, but I sort of respect him for it. I haven't seen anybody, save maybe Olivier or Anya, do anything so purely creative that it makes Becky look like Holly Hobbie, but clearly people don't have a lot of faith in her ability to innovate. Viktor says that this is the first time he's nervous for a challenge. He's hoping that his dress doesn't look like a House of Dereon design and, shit, that is funny. Somebody says, "Blasphemy." He says that he loves Beyoncé though.

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