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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

The designers go to Mood and get to work. Bert makes a very good point. He says that Mood is the hardest part of the challenges, because once you leave there is no changing your mind about your fabric (and, ultimately, your design). So, while we've been thinking that being a great sewing person is the ace in the hole, it's also being a great shopper. Laura says that calculating the yardage is a big deal because you'll need a lot of fabric for an avant garde look. Olivier gets a lot of chiffon, a fabric he has never worked with. Things are not looking great for him right now. This is Josh C.'s first time at Mood and he's finding it super stressful. He only spent $170 of the $300 he was allotted. Wha? Grab some gum at the counter or something. I'd spend ALL OF THAT MONEY. Don't leave with money, Josh. I swear.

Back at the workroom, Viktor is skeptical of everyone's fabric choices. He thinks that Josh C.'s fake fur is gonna be crazy. Wow, he has lots of opinions. He thinks Anya has too many feathers. Anya has too many NOTHING, that's what she has too many of. He doesn't like Kimberly's irridescent fabric. He's not sure Becky knows what avant garde is and he saw Bryce's sketch and thinks it's a mermaid dress from 1985. Anya shows this paisley material to Viktor and he thinks everyone is going down.

Tim comes in to tell everyone that they will have until the end of the day to work, as well as the entire next day. Bert asks him to repeat something he said at Mood. It was that this is not a red carpet challenge. To Bert, this means that the look should be exaggerated and forward-thinking. Tim tells everyone to make it work, which is sadly losing its power. Ah, words. Becky thinks this challenge is "Go weird or go home." Not a terrible read on what's needed. Laura says that she considers avant-garde to be something that can't be worn in real life. She also corrects Becky and says that she's not sure "weird" is the right word. She prefers "out there." Ah, words... that mean the same thing as other words. Laura thinks that Lady Gaga wears avant-garde. She is right. They should have gone to the meat shop for this challenge instead of Mood. Viktor thinks that avant-garde is something that makes you wonder how it was done.

Olivier is seeing a lot of bright colors around the room, which is different from his muted palette. Bryce is using a bright red, which is unusual for him. So, Josh M. has an idea. He's making a circle skirt treated to appear like wood. He's thinking of fire traveling across the bodice. He's going to put a heart and initials on the breast, to mimic when someone carves their initials into a tree. He tells Anthony that he might put his mom's initials. Then, he interviews that his mother passed away two years earlier from ovarian cancer. He says that she was his rock and inspiration and the reason he is able to be on the show. Anthony says that he likes the story behind his sketch, then he wipes his eye in a way that I think was edited in a way that is supposed to imply that Anthony was crying just then. I don't think he was.

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