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The designers head to the Harlem School of the Arts where Tim is waiting with a couple of teachers or at least adults. Tim introduces Yvette Campbell, who is President and CEO. School's have CEO's? He also introduces Byron McCray who is the interim Director of Visual Arts. Byron looks super effin' psyched to be on Project Runway. There are also a group of kids standing beside paintings that they made. Viktor, accompanied by horror movie music, says, "Working with children... how cute is that?" There's something, and this probably has more to do with my own pathology and an attraction to coldness, really cute about Viktor when his fear/hatred of children is revealed. I am ashamed and excited. Tim tells the designers that they will be collaborating on a work of art with the students. Then, they will need to create an avant-garde look based on the work of art. Everybody looks really excited. In fact, Anya tells us that her parents run a foundation for children using art for transformation. I want to be a part of Anya's family. I'm not kidding about that. We can make this happen.

The designers head to an art studio. The students have been randomly matched with the designers. They all get to work. Wu Qing, Anthony's student, is adorable. She tells him that she likes to paint expressively and she seems really earnest and committed. I like her. Anthony does too. He loves kids. He says that he imagines he's having an easier time than some of the other designers. Cut to Viktor. His girl tells him that she thinks they should make something "bustier-ish." Seriously, Viktor is so attractive when he's coiled like a rattlesnake. His partner is Skyy. Skyy talks a lot. She is sort of directing his design instead of just creating a work of art with him. This is fun. He says that he's not sure if all 12-year old girls are as "vocal" as Skyy. They start painting this lovely blue-green... thing. Skyy asks him what art was like for him as a kid and he says to us that he would have dealt better with the child if he'd had a cocktail in him. They do say we are attracted to our parents. I'm beginning to understand now. Skyy sort of hoots and says that she's a New Yorker, which could have been a normal part of their conversation. Feels like they're trying to make this a retread of the Christian/Maddie Showdown from Season 4. Viktor loves the swirls she makes on the canvas.

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