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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Zanna didn't see the inspiration in Laura's look, but got it after hearing the explanation. Is that the way this should work? This ain't Duchamp. You either get it for looking at it, or you don't. Reading materials shouldn't be necessary. What, am I going to need an audio tour to look at her work in a store? Kenneth likes the boning in her bodice. Heidi likes the soft/hard combo.

Olivier describes his look. Afterwards, she asks him if he thinks she loves it. He says that he thinks she doesn't. He's right. She thinks everything about the look is sad, while the painting was not sad. Zanna thinks that the bodice is expert and the lower part is a mess. She also thinks it's boring. Kenneth thinks it's anything but boring. He thinks there is too much going on. Michael thinks the constructed part of the bodice is fantastic, but the rest is a mess. He says that Olivier shouldn't be afraid of being powerful.

Heidi loves Anthony's dress. She's reminded that he's colorblind yet does such great things with color. Michael loves all of the elements. Kenneth thinks that it looks homemade. Zanna likes the brushstroke technique.

The judges confer. Backstage, Laura says that the people in the bottom got really trashed. Josh C. disagrees. Josh M. tells Bert that his look was one of his favorites. The judges say Josh M., Laura and Anthony are their favorites. Kenneth is really not a fan of Anthony's look though. Michael thinks that Olivier makes "Valium clothes." Heidi agrees that it's all sad. They love the painting Josh C. had to work from, but hate his look. Kenneth thinks that the harness at the shoulders is the only thing that distinguished his look. Michael says that Bert's look resembled something a Teletubby would wear to a party. That joke is tired.

The designers return to the stage. Anthony wins the challenge! He has immunity! He's so excited. He says that he's finally a bride. Laura and Josh M. are in. Bert says "Congratulations" to Laura. Heidi tells Bert that he's lucky she liked his look. He's in. Heidi tells Olivier that he was sad and Josh C. that he was uninspired. Olivier is... in. Ugh, again. Josh is a good sport. He interviews that it gets easier being eliminated. Awesome. He says that he's grateful for everything that he has learned. Tim comes in and Josh says that he muffed it up again. He interviews that he's not happy to be leaving, but he's happy with his effort. Per usual, this is only the beginning.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at or followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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