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A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

It's time for Bryce's look. It's a floor-length gown in orange and blue. The sleeves are really long, like a straightjacket. The neck is high and the blue is incorporated in the skirt, which flares (like a mermaid). He thinks it's great, but he's worried about the colors.

Oh Josh C. He has essentially made his look something you could grab at Macy's. What was once a long and ruffled dress is now a short tight skirt. No fur. No interest. Josh likes it, but he's wrong about it being avant-garde.

Here's Anthony's look. It's a sleeveless high-necked gown and his brush stroke effect is interesting, if a tad craft-y. The fit is gorgeous and it moves beautifully.

Anya has created a bubble skirt that is long in the back -- it has kind of a period feel. The bodice is plunging, with lots of feathers. The feathers are amazing. She's unsure if it's actually avant-garde. That girl has style.

The show is over and the designers are lined up. Heidi calls Kimberly, Becky, Anya, Bryce and Viktor all make it through to the next challenge. We're left with the best and the worst. Backstage, they try to figure out who is in the top or bottom. Bryce thinks that Bert will be in the bottom, but Viktor disagrees. Bryce says he'll jump out the window if Bert wins the challenge.

The judges start with Josh M. He describes it quite beautifully. He says that the idea is that things may burn but memories remain. Heidi likes it. She loves what he did to the fabric of the skirt. Kenneth likes the draping of the skirt. Michael likes the skirt, but thinks that he went overboard with the styling.

Josh C. explains that he wanted to depict the wolf exposing its heart. Michael says that she looks like a Victorian cocktail waitress and you see Josh C. realize that he's gonna get the shit. It's weird how they don't really know until the judges start talking. Zanna thinks that it's trashy. Heidi says that it's like a Halloween hooker. Josh does something that I really appreciate. He just respectfully says that he disagrees. He knows this is subjective, but he had a different feeling when the model came onto the runway. This doesn't get him any points, but they at least shut up and treat his efforts with a little respect. Zanna says that there is a consensus that the garment is not beautiful. Kenneth says that he doesn't mind the different elements, but they don't come together in the right way.

Zanna doesn't feel like Bert's look doesn't marry the art and fashion. He says that he was trying to pump up the volume. Michael thinks it doesn't feel modern. Heidi liked it, even that it was literal. Kenneth thinks it's too weird.

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