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Previously:Cecilia dropped out of the competition. Bert and Anthony were on a team challenge together and all hell broke loose. Josh M. was a total jerk to Becky. And, this is news to all of us, Laura finds Becky to be overly emotional and that's just something she can't understand. Uh oh, danger's a-brewin'. Danielle went home. Josh C. came back!

It's early morning at the Atlas Building. Boys' apartment. Dead body. We all knew it would come to this. Kidding. For now. The guys are gathered around and Anthony says that he doesn't want to be in the bottom two again. He says that he and Bert have come to an understanding and are going to try to start over with each other. Bert agrees with the bottom two thing. He congratulates Viktor for his win as team leader then interviews that he just wants to do what is necessary to stay in the competition. He doesn't want to be an asshole to anybody nor does he want to have to make amends when he wakes in the morning. Everyone agrees to put the claws away and be nice. I don't see Josh M. in the room, so I don't feel confident in this truce.

Here we are in the girls' apartment. First off, we see Laura glaring at Becky as the poor girl shoves a little breakfast in her mouth. Anya asks her how her first night in "Casa" was and Becky says that she was nervous but it was fine. Laura interviews that it has been no secret that she's not the biggest fan of Becky. Wha? It actually has been a complete secret. At least to the audience of this show. Maybe Kimberly knows how much Laura hates Becky, but she hasn't been sharing. Laura says that she's going to make the best of it though. Seriously though, did I black out during the parts when Laura's feud for the ages with freaking BECKY of all people was heating up? Smells like contrivance, which is far sweeter but less sexy than teen spirit. And, it cleans its room. Anya, who we saw at least near Becky during actual conflict, says that it's clean slate time.

In the other boys' apartment, the Joshes are high-fiving over their reunion. Josh M. tells Josh C. that he has to make it work this time. It's that easy.

On the runway, Heidi reminds Viktor and Josh M. that they have immunity this week. Then, she tells the designers that she's sending them back to the classroom -- a place some of them probably haven't seen in a while. Flash to Bert. Of course! Because Bert's so old! I get it. More jokes like that please because sometimes I forget that there's someone over the age of 35 on my teevee and that is a cause for derision and, anybody got something I can poke with? Like a stick? I want to poke at the old person! Anthony figures that they are either dressing students or teachers. Oh shit. Lunch Lady Challenge. Thought of HERE. Would that not be amazing? Oh please happen, Lunch Lady Challenge! Heidi says that the designers will meet some special guests at a school.

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