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The Art Of Fashion
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Previously: The designers created wrestling costumes for the Divas of WWE. Chris won the "tackiest" challenge. Sweet P barely survived, and Ricky was sent home.

As Sweet P is getting herself pretty for the day at the New Gotham apartments, she reminds us that there are only five designers left in the competition. She says that she was surprised that Ricky was sent home instead of her. To be fair, though Ricky's was thematically fubar, he created a cuter garment than Sweet P did. She tells Jillian that she is "so not ready to go home."

In the boys' apartment, Chris is having coffee and he interviews that the other designers are nervous, but he is "used to the moment that comes when you have to do it." As Rami is staring out the window at New Jersey, we hear an interview where he tells us that it has been his dream to be a fashion designer since he was five. Years old. I'm imagining five-year-old Rami draping himself with his Buck Rogers bed sheets right now. Do you have dreams for your future when you're five? It has been a while for me, but I don't really recall being that plugged in at five. Anyway, Rami says this whole thing is deeply rooted for him and he's very hopeful. On the way out the door, Sweet P tells Jillian that she hopes the next challenge is not group work.

At Parsons, Heidi greets the designers and begins the proceedings with some good old fashioned model-choosing. Amanda and Marcia come onstage, and Heidi reminds us that it's a competition for the models too. Amanda really tried her hardest when she didn't model Ricky's last outfit, and I think we can all agree that Marcia could have put a little more effort forth when she wasn't modeling Chris' design from the last challenge. Chris stays with Marcia and Amanda wishes the designers luck as she leaves the runway and our lives. I think Amanda just came the closest of any of the models to crying when she got eliminated.

Heidi asks the designers if they are ready for their next challenge. She tells them that the challenge will decide which three designers go to fashion week and which TWO go home. Ah damn, I did not know this would be like this. This is hardcore. They are going to go on one more "field trip." They are meeting Tim at 5th Avenue and 82nd Street.

On the way to meet Tim, Sweet P interviews that, because she doesn't live in New York, she's unfamiliar with the Upper East Side (which is where they are going to meet Tim). The other designers told her there were museums and fabulous stores. They forgot to tell her that you can also find baby strollers that are handled like battering rams. It's not enough that the get to roll around in their bags and bags of money (another feature of the UES), they also need to take out the shins of poor folks.

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